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How to use?


Eextract archive to your amxmodx folder on the server (with file overwriting if needed).
Note: Do not enable this module via addons/amxmodx/configs/modules.ini folder otherwise its can working incorrectly.


All configuration files are in amxmodx/configs/weaponmod folder. Main configuration file is weaponmod.ini. In main file you can set weapon and ammo blocking (stripping), and also set startup equipment on spawn. You can preset any configs for certain maps. Exp. crossfire map configuration file must have following name: weaponmod-crossfire.ini

Detailed description about weaponmod.ini file:

In amxmodx/configs/weaponmod/spawnpoints folder you can find configuration for weapon and ammo spawning on the maps. You can easy add any weapons/ammo to the map with WeaponMod Spawner Config Editor plugin.

In amxmodx/configs/weaponmod/mods folder you can find weaponmod configuration (offsets,signatures etc.).


Opposing Force:Team Fortress Classic:Unreal Tournament:Counter-Strike Online:Other:
Config Editor:
WeaponMod Addon: Spawner Config Editor

Q: Where is source code?
A: Here:

Q: How to download those sources?
A: You can do this with any SVN client, Tortoise SVN for example.

Q: How to install new weapons?
A: This is easy. Lookup for needed gun in upper text, download it and install on your server, like a typical amxx plugin.

Q: Im installed new weapons, but how to spawn them on maps?
A: Use WeaponMod Spawn Config Editor plugin.

Q: Server crashing with Host_Error: no precache: models/w_bgrap.mdl error.
A: Update your Weaponbox Models plugin.

Q: Why bots doesnt using new weapons?
A: Bots using new weapons if they have crowbar in theirs inventory (weapon_crowbar).

Q: Why my server is crashing with ED_Alloc: No edicts yet error?
A: Do not enable this module via amxmodx\configs\modules.ini.

Q: How can I use it?
A: "You can't." (c) Lev
The functional way is the right way

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