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Originally Posted by Ryan_Hemsley18 View Post
Does this plugin work anymore?

I have installed
advertisements.smx into orangebox/tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins
advertisements.txt into orangebox/tf/addons/sourcemod/configs

I have this in the server.cfg
sm_advertisements_enabled 1
sm_advertisements_file (def "advertisements.txt")
sm_advertisements_interval (def 30)

After all doing that It doesn't work. Is there a way to get it to work?

The file looks fine that I can tell...but you don't need all that other stuff in the server.cfg

It is enabled by default... and looks for that file by default and you don't need the reload part that is just to reload it if you change something in the text.

The only thing I have is this which changed the interval from the default 30:

sm_advertisements_interval 12

Aside from that make sure the plugin loaded.

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