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Okey, so ive portforwarded all the required ports for CS,

1200, 27000, 27039, 27015.

And used "PFPORTCHECKER" to see that they are open, and the client says they are successfull open.

And, ive also installed amxmodx to the server without any problems, but the problem is, my server doesnt want to show up in the master server list.. Me and my friends can connect to it by WAN IP, i can also connect to it by LAN, (Both works.)

SV REGION is 3, steamappid is 80.

ive also tried to disable all the plugins, to see that it may have been a plugin who aint installed properly without any results.

All i can give you, is that the server starts up with
Setmaster: Unknown command enable
Menu item 18 added to Menus Front-End: "Plugin Cvars" from plugin "pluginmenu.amxx"
Menu item 19 added to Menus Front-End: "Plugin Commands" from plugin "pluginmenu.amxx"
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.
Please, take notice to these quoted things below before posting.

*Players can connect by WAN IP from console.

*All required ports are open without problems.

*Router & PC firewall is disabled.

*DMZ is Off.

*Server shows up in favorite list if you add the server to favorites.

*Amxmod doesnt seem to have anything with this to do.

*HLDSUPDATETOOL is updated to the latest version.
Thank you in advance.

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