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Here is the version I have, this is a bit different than the original version:

Current Version: 1.8.5 (Merudo Patch) (DEFUNCT, NO LONGER PUBLIC)

New Commands:
!changeteam - Opens Team Panel with Selecton (Alt)
!teams - Opens Team Panel with Selecton
!join - Join Survivor Team (If N/A, Spawn New Player)
!infected - Join Infected Team
!survivor - Join Survivor Team (If Bot Available)
!spectate - Join Spectator Team
!afk - Join Spectator Team (Alt)

New Features:
Survivor Mass Fix - Fixed Extra Bot Spawns on round start.
Infected Versus - Auto Infected on Versus just like Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D Only)
Tank HP Fix - Correctly Apply Tank HP on Survivor Count.
Extra Med-kits - Adds extra med-kits over the original four medkits available.
On Spot Join - Allow players to join the game on the spot.
The Merudo Patch - Includes patches, hotfixes, and corrections by Merudo

Bug Fixes & Updates
Extra Bots Spawn - No more extra bots spawn higher than specified variable.
Team Panel - Provides details of teams for status: GHOST, DEAD, DOWN, BLWH, and Health.
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