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I don't think his problem is related to this plugin, because it doesn't deal at all with the change map time or whatever.

All it does is to hook CHalfLifeMultiplay::CheckWinConditions() which handles the round end type and patching some bytes in CHalfLifeMultiplay::Think() to remove HasRoundTimeExpired() check.

The end of map is handled in CHalfLifeMultiplay::Think() and this function is not blocked at all. And no, there is no side-effect, it's 2 different things, round end and map end.
It can't be also the fault of podbot since it doesn't handle such time.

Also, there are already many servers using InfiniteRound v1/v2 + CSDM v2 + Podbot v3. (You can check on game-monitor).
And of course before releasing I've tested locally using your latest podbot version.

What he should do :

- Installating the latest InfiniteRound version (v2, link in the first post)
- Testing without dproto, this thing patches many things in memory and do many things, it's known to generate problems.
- Checking mp_chattime if doesn't hold big value. By default it's on 5 (seconds). It's the time atfer the intermission starts.
- It might be the fault to another plugin too, it would be a good idea to disable all third-party plugins to see what happens.

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