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Originally Posted by pisdone View Post
Perfect, but after a deep beta testing I gotta say there are more "bugs" than I thought, hope u can fix them asap:
  1. the worst so far, it's an evident exploit with "pharm-assist" that makes survivors earn all(or most of) the upgrades by simply spam-giving pills to each other...quite lame
  2. dead survivors can still earn upgrades...quite lame too
  3. losing only 1 upgrade per death is not enough imho, I would reset almost all of them on death...IMHO ofc
  4. suppressor...first of all, it is quite useless and, second, it's even a penalty to me, not an upgrade; I mean, if I can't hear my weapon I become a noob, really. I suggest to heavy modify the sound (making it as it should be) or at least to give players the possibility to disable it
  5. same thing about the laser; it's not my case, but lot of people would have got the possibility to disable it
  6. infinite "hollow-point" ammo, probably even more lame than pharm-assist exploit; at least give every player the chance to disable them, for now I think I'll disable them from the cfg...
  7. let's give no upgrades to survivors that group-kill a witch (dunno if this already happens), 1 upgrade to the survivor that personally kills her and 2 upgrades to the one who cr0wns her
Ultimately, I still gotta say that this plugin does his job very well (not considering its few problems of course). If you could manage to solve/fix/change some of its "lame" behaviors, you'd be my idol

Peace and, again, THANKS for ur job!
1. Pharm-Assist has been exploitable in all plugins including Custom Player Stats, there is nothing to be done against it. Remember, you have a CFG in sourcemod, simply set the variable to 0 and Pharm-Assist will not be used. (Solved)
2. Dead Survivors? They cannot get upgrades if they are dead. Survivors Must be alive. Screenshot would be nice to see where you see this?
3. Losing Upgrades upon death is for (Bots Only). This was added because Bots would never lose upgrades due to the fact that they do not friendly fire, kill, or incap others. Humans lose upgrades for these penalties. If you do not like bots losing their upgrades, set the variable to 0.
4. Suppressor is not a custom made upgrade, it is part of Valve's game, i simply enabled it as an upgrade because it is. It prevents infected, and witches from hearing you in lesser range, if you do not like a certain upgrade: refer to the variable to disable it with 0.
5. I had more complains that people want to have laser, but the !laser command is not planned to be used. Only the server can disable the laser at this time. Future updates, may use !laser only if the server allows it.
6. You are use to KRX, be advised, incendiary wasn't in this game either, it was a custom upgrade. The Hollow Point is infinite, just like all other upgrades are except for the 1-Use types. Disable the upgrade if you prefer not to have it active. There won't be a limit to this upgrade.
7. Witch Hunter / Crowned already does this. You gain an upgrade from either one. Am I missing something here?

The only bug report I can assume here is "2", which I will need an exact screenshot or some sort of show that this happens. I have't seen or heard that someone lost/gained a upgrade while dead.

Bug Report List
  • Pharm-Assist Abused via Giving Pills constantly to players (Bug-Unfixable)
  • Dead Survivors getting upgrades from unknown point (Possible Bug)
  • 1 Lost Upgrades from death via Bots Only, use "survivor_upgrade_awards_death" (Not a Bug)
  • Suppresser a useless Upgrade, please use variable (Not a Bug)
  • Laser can't be Cheated, or Summoned (Not a Bug)
  • Hollow Point is Infinite (Not a Bug)
  • Witch Hunter / Crowned for Upgrades (Check Variable)

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