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EDIT: Attachment removed. This update is now integrated to 1.8.3.

Almost all virtual functions related to player/weapon has been added for each mods.

Please note the module title and version are temporary changed.
v1.4 is the last version (2013, 14 April).

Fixed from original :
Vector as return is now fixed. All functions returning a vector won't crash anymore. (Ham_GetGunPosition, Ham_Center, etc.. )
Some offsets were misaligned for CS and DoD.
SendWeaponAnim for CS is now fixed and renamed to Ham_CS_Weapon_SendWeaponAnim.
Fixed TakeHealth call (one param wrongly converted, thanks Nextra)
Fixed hamsandwich vtable patching on Linux for newer GCC binaries (by DS)
Added Ham_TFC_Killed
Updated CS/DoD/TFC/Op4 offsets
Added support for Mac OSX (but binary will not be provided for now, sorry)
New mods supported
Deathmatch Classic
Adrenaline Gamer
Opposing Forces
New functions added :


All, except Counter-Strike, Natural Selection and The Specialists


Day of Defeat

Team Fortress Classic

Earth's Force Special

Earth's Force Special - OpenBeta

Natural Selection

Sven co-op 4.6

We need people willing to test seriously under windows and linux.
All people are welcomed to complete the documentation of each function.

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