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Version 2.2.0 (Mod by Snake 60)

[IMG]http://img841.**************/img841/1294/cfgp.png[/IMG] Features:
  • Admin menu integration
    Created own section for match control.
  • WarmUp rounds
    Sets cash to $16k. Runs WarmUp (WU) & start counts WU rounds.
  • Vote after WarmUp
    Continue WarmUp / Knife / Live.
  • Auto-loading configs
    Depending on how many players are connected (defaults for ESL configs), but can be sets anything you like.
  • Kicking/Banning a complete team
    Suitable for inadequate teams.
  • Auto-mapchange after war
    If war_next_map is set.
  • Setting Maxrounds/WU Maxrounds/Nextmap
    From Menu or via commands.
  • Auto-recording SourceTV demo ~ (optional)
    Demo contain all info by commands: status, sb_status, zb_players.
  • Auto-creating SourceTV demo folder ~ [.n.e.w.] ~ (optional)
    If not set demo recording in default folder: cstrike.
  • Auto-naming SourceTV demos
    Naming recorded demos according to the sets team names, map name and date/time.
  • ReadyUp system
    Asking "ready?" before the clanwar starts.
  • Restarting system
    3 restarts before Knife/Live.
  • Knife round ~ (optional)
    Weapons are stripped from all players at round start. Winner team gets the vote: Stay or leave?.
  • Live mode
    Score and Rounds are counted, Stats displayed in panel during set up time.
  • Auto-swap teams with a choice of skin ~ [.n.e.w.]
    After 1-st half teams are automatically changed. Players chose the skin and Live is restarted.
  • Auto-continue in second half
    Team score is counted again after 3 restarts.
  • Auto-end the war
    Final score is displayed in panel and in chat. Plugin resets itself.
  • Multi-language, full translation support ~ [.n.e.w.]
    English, Russian, German (need correction), Italian (need correction).
  • Team name set up ~ [.n.e.w.]
    Admins can manually set up team name.
  • Change password in game ~ [.n.e.w.]
    Admins can manually change password in game. Players can see changed password.
  • Move to spectator ~ [.n.e.w.]
    Admins can move all players to spec from menu or specific player via command.
  • Detection of recruits ~ [.n.e.w.]
    Plugin reads authorized Steam_ID from file and alerts all about recruit if it detected.
  • Storing results in MySQL DB
    If exist DB named warriormod, then use it. If not exist - default is tried. Function is disabled if there is no access to any DB.
[IMG]http://img34.**************/img34/2139/whll.png[/IMG] ConVars:
  • war_version
    Current: 2.2.0
    ~ Displays the current WarriorMod version.
  • war_rounds
    Default: 15
    ~ How many rounds to play. Can be any number you want.
  • war_rounds_wu
    Default: 5
    ~ How many rounds to play during WarmUp. The actual number of played rounds may be different from this, because players can vote to extend the WarmUp.
  • war_fadetoblack
    Default: 0
    ~ ESL configs set fadetoblack to 1. If you don't like this, set this cVar to 0, and fadetoblack will be turned off; set to 1, and it will always be turned on; set to -1 and it will be left unchanged.
  • war_pausable
    Default: 0
    ~ Same as fadetoblack, but for sv_pausable.
  • war_record
    Default: 1
    ~ If set to 1 then after start Knife/Live will auto-recording SourceTV demo. The file name will contain the names of both teams, the played map, and a time stamp.
  • war_config
    Default: "esl%s"
    ~ Specifies the config you want to be executed before clan war. %s will be replaced by e.g. 3on3 or 5on5.
  • war_config_end
    Default: ""
    ~ Config file to be executed when clan war is over or the plugin is reset. Note: %s will not be replaced here.
  • war_next_map
    Default: ""
    ~ Map to be loaded when the current war is finished. If empty, map won't be changed.
  • war_vote
    Default: 1
    ~ If set to 1, the plugin will start vote for "Ready?" before Knife/Live round.
  • war_finish
    Default: "0"
    ~ If set to 0, the clan war stops after one team reached a score of war_rounds + 1.
  • war_showmoney
    Default: 1
    ~ If set to 1, the plugin show money of your team mates in the status panel.
  • war_suddendeath
    Default: 0
    ~ If match and in draw, should a sudden death round be played?
  • war_auto_swap_delay ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Default: 5
    ~ Time to wait before swapping teams at half time.
  • war_t_name ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Default: "Team1"
    ~ Team name who start for T (Changed by admins command: '!war_t new_name')
  • war_ct_name ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Default: "Team2"
    ~ Team name who start for CT (Changed by admins command: '!war_ct new_name')
  • war_demo_folder ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Default: ""
    ~ Set folder for recorded demos, if not set - will be record in default folder 'cstrike'.
  • war_showpanel_time ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Default: 10
    ~ Time in seconds to show score panel for players.
[IMG]http://img30.**************/img30/231/settr.png[/IMG] Configs:
  • cfg/sourcemod/warriormod.cfg
    Main file for configuration this plugin. If it doesn't exist, it will be auto generated using the default values for the cVars.
  • cfg/server.cfg
    Main file for configuration you server. In my version contain only one string: exec warmod/on_map_load.cfg.
  • cfg/autoexec.cfg
    One of some files needed for configuration you server. In my version contain only one string: exec warmod/on_server_start.cfg.
  • cfg/warmod/server_info.cfg
    One of some files needed for configuration you server. Have this part of settings: Server name, Server & Rcon password, Source TV, Contact/Region
  • cfg/warmod/on_map_load.cfg
    One of some files needed for configuration you server. Loaded during map change. In my version contain only one string: exec warmod/ruleset_warmup.cfg.
  • cfg/warmod/on_server_start.cfg
    One of some files needed for configuration you server. Loaded during server starts. In my version contain some settings and exec string: exec warmod/server_info.cfg.
  • cfg/warmod/on_match_end.cfg
    This file executed after match end if sets: war_config_end "warmod/on_match_end.cfg". Useful if needed return some changed server parameters.
  • cfg/warmod/ruleset_warmup.cfg
    Configuration file which executed before match.
  • cfg/warmod/ruleset_global.cfg
    Configuration file with main server parameters.
  • cfg/warmod/ruleset_mr15.cfg
    This file executed before match if sets: war_config "warmod/ruleset_mr15.cfg". Useful if needed change some server settings.
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/steam_id_list.cfg
    List of trusted Steam IDs (Maximum 30 strings).
Note: Don't forget update warriormod.cfg with new cvars!

[IMG]http://img63.**************/img63/753/admn.png[/IMG] Admin Commands:
  • war_knife
    Starts a war with a knife round.
  • war_live
    Starts a war, skipping knife round.
  • war_reset
    Resets the plugin, deleting all scores, restart and finishing the demo.
  • war_maxrounds
    Sets or displays maxrounds.
  • war_nextmap
    Sets or displays nextmap.
  • war_warmup
    Starts a warmup round.
  • war_live_end/war_knife_end
    Like war_live/war_knife, but wait until round end.
  • war_pass ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Sets or displays password in game.
  • war_spec ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Move player or players to spectator. Usage: war_spec <target> (target: player_name, @T, @CT or @all)
  • war_ct ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Manually change team name who start for CT. Usage: war_ct <new name>
  • war_t ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Manually change team name who start for T. Usage: war_t <new name>
Note: Adminlevel: Custom1

[IMG]http://img51.**************/img51/9883/userpx.png[/IMG] Users Commands:
  • pass or pw ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Show server password to the user.
  • score
    Show score panel to the user if war started.
  • steams ~ [.n.e.w.] ~
    Run anti-recruit module and alert all about recruitment if it detected.
Note: All users commands type in chat without the public '!' or silent '/' chat triggers.

[IMG]http://img87.**************/img87/5963/chng.png[/IMG] Change log:

~ Version ~ 2.2.0 ~
  • Record demo in specific folder (auto-create folder).
  • Swap players with ability to chose the skin.
  • Customized swap delay after 1-st half.
  • Customized delay of displayed stats panel.
  • Manually change teams names.
  • Restrict "rebuy" & "autobuy" commands during Knife Round.
  • Fix (remove) bomb on radar during Knife Round.
  • Change password in game.
  • Show server password for player how type in chat "pw" or "pass".
  • Move all players or specific player to spectators.
  • Full translation: English, Russian. Need check: German, Italian.
  • Read Steam ID from file and inform all about recruitment if it is.
  • Something else that I forgot =)

[IMG]http://img190.**************/img190/9454/todof.png[/IMG] ToDo list:
  • Auto-detect Clan name.
  • Protect STV from been kicked.
  • Stop record demo when match not finished and all guys disconnect from server.
  • Add MODE_BRAKEWAR (Breaks then continue the current Live - suggestion by GrO).
  • Something else that I forgot =)

[IMG]http://img96.**************/img96/7753/inst.png[/IMG] Install:
  • Before install make backup your cfg and other files!
  • Unzip all files in to cstrike folder.
  • Overwrite files and folders if asked.

[IMG]http://img64.**************/img64/1038/dwnl.gif[/IMG] Download:
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