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Hello there left4dowtowners.

I've picked up working on left4downtown with psychonic since Downtown1 left and confogl needed updates to left4downtown.

I've been making a few updates and bugfixes, and was hoping people here could do some bugtesting on the player_slots fixes I've done.

In, there's a bug that lets players join past the l4d_maxplayers limit by direct connecting to the server from console. I believe I have fixed that.

You can find release candidate 1 builds in the attachments, along with scripting headers and gamedata. Everything seems to work fine to me on both windows and linux, but I don't have a public Windows server to put it on.

If you can test these binaries, please do so and provide feedback (about player_slots working/not, etc). If you have any problems, please revert to the binaries. short changelog:
- l4d_maxplayers was bypassed when players connect from console "connect" command, fixed.
New Natives:
- L4D_GetVersusMaxCompletionScore(); // map max distance score
- L4D_SetVersusMaxCompletionScore(score); // set map max distance score (experimental)
- bool:L4D_IsMissionFinalMap(); // Is this the finale map?
- L4D_ResetMobTimer(); // Resets the natural horde timer (by spawning a horde? experimental)


REMEMBER: This is just a release candidate, and may still have bugs.

Updated gamedata 7/26/10 (had a small issue)
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