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Version: 1.3.2 (Mod by Snake 60)

[IMG]http://img841.**************/img841/1294/cfgp.png[/IMG] Description

Displays weapon, health and armor left of the player who has killed you. In new version added cookies aka clientprefs.
Should work with any game, but tested only this CS-S.

[IMG]http://img35.**************/img35/2748/fotoxy.png[/IMG] Screenshots


[IMG]http://img34.**************/img34/2139/whll.png[/IMG] ConVars

kid_version - Killer info display plugin version
Current: 1.2

kid_printtochat - Prints the killer info to the victims chat
Default: 1

kid_printtopanel - Displays the killer info to the victim as a panel
Default: 0

kid_showdistance - Show the distance to the killer
Default: 1

kid_metricdistance - Show distance in meters (metric) or ft
Default: 1

kid_showarmorleft - Show the killers armor left
Default: 1

kid_announce_on_timer [new] - Print once in chat announce about ability on/off plugin (1 - enable, 0 - disable)
Default: 1

kid_pref_default [new] - Default client preference (0 - killer info display off, 1 - killer info display on)
Default: 1

[IMG]http://img30.**************/img30/231/settr.png[/IMG] Config

Don't forget update manual or delete this file before updating!

[IMG]http://img87.**************/img87/5963/chng.png[/IMG] Changelog

  • Fixed error: "Client is not in game"
  • Updated Russian & German translations
  • Added some colors in chat messages
  • Added cookies (clienprefs) support. Now type in chat !settings and tweak your prefs. Or simple !kid or /kid in chat for on/off plugin.
  • Added announce in chat about ability on/off plugin. Only once, after 30sec left when player connect to your server.
  • Added new cvars (see file plugin.killer_info_display.cfg and don't forget update it!)

  • Added translations support (now Russian & English but need others)
  • Added teamcolor to attaker name (thx Exvel for this)
  • Added displaying armor in chat & panel (added new Cvar, see above)
[IMG]http://img64.**************/img64/1038/dwnl.gif[/IMG] Download
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