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Originally Posted by [AAA] Thrawn View Post
nice work.
is it possible to add the "rocket spawning entity" to any usual map via sourcemod plugin? or via stripper? adding a respawn-system could make usual maps db'able.
Stripper:Source will do it perfectly, it's just 2 info_targets with the above target names. the rockets fire from their position using their angles as an initial guide.

Originally Posted by PMAvers View Post
This might actually be more of a tf2items problem, but I've uploaded everything correctly, and getting this error.

[03] file "": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

And yet, if I do a sm exts load tf2items, it tells me that it loads successfully... which is a lie.

And since it's not loading, the dodge-ball plug-ins aren't loading either.
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