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Oh bugger lol
erm... hmmm... Thats never happened before I've tested on two web servers and one local server and had no errors... I can't even see why that would happen.
I'll have a test ASAP and try have it fixed by tomorrow. as for the before and after cvar I'll look into after the bug fix. sorry about this

Two questions though
1 - what game are you using?
2 - what sourcemod version are you using?

so I can rule out where the problems might lie

Just retested on my server, with 4 players, 2 admins and 2 non admins, all works fine except one bug but thats to do with !pactlist (it showed all players in yellow even non admins)


Ok fixed the bug with !pactlist (i'd used clientid of the person calling the command raher than the clientid of the relevant client)

Also just tidied the code up a lil to see if there was any obvious mistakes, still not seen any

anyone else having problems with this plugin?

also have you made sure you delelted the old "PlayerAddCountryTag.cfg" from the "cfg/sourcemod" folder and allowed the plugin to make a new one?
You need to do this as I added 2 new Cvars in the version.

Ill upload my new code when I've tripled checked it for errors ect...


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