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Wraith’s AMXReader/Disassembler - nice program, but outdated atm...

I dislike most of other programs, so spend some time to improve Wraith’s Disassembler

+ fixed many bugs from base program;
+ reading and analyzing debug section of amx files;
+ many improvements in analyzing data section. Even if plugin haven`t debug symbol table section (compiled with -d0 option), that program can show MultiArrays/Arrays/Strings/Variables with ~95% guarantee. (No need anymore to perform analysis by hands)
+ avoidance of some (all known for me) methods to hide code (from amxxdump etc)
+ more comments to "analyzed" code
+ support of SourceMode (*.smx) files

- wrong support of compact encoding (as i know, compact encoding not supported by AMXX/SM)
- wrong support of 64x amxx files (not supported by AMXX anymore)
- wrong Strings with non-default codepage (they shown as arrays)

And now, it can replace all other programs (especially for disassemble plugins without debug section), but it haven`t some features like reading Float constant values, but i hope that someone took sources and will add it

PS why not to add some cross-posts (in topics related to that program) or create new sticky thread like amxxdump thread?
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