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Forum: Off-Topic 01-24-2017, 18:05
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Re: Help with creating a website

Well Jesus. Guess it's time to hit up some old Steam friends.
Forum: Off-Topic 01-24-2017, 00:05
Replies: 2
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Help with creating a website

I want to make a fast download site that people can submit their maps/files to me so I can upload them. A community fast dl Just like openfastdl but active. I have a host,domain, etc, but I do not...
Forum: General 01-21-2017, 16:03
Replies: 11
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Re: Fragnet Server FastDL problem (FTP screens)

That is very frustrating. Especially when you do everything correct on your end.
Forum: General 01-21-2017, 15:50
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Re: Fragnet Server FastDL problem (FTP screens)

I guess the best way in my mind is to setup a fastdl just like your folder setup


Folder is setup tf/maps

Link would be "sv_downloadurl lazyfastdl.com/fastdl/tf"
Forum: General 01-21-2017, 15:14
Replies: 11
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Re: Fragnet Server FastDL problem (FTP screens)

Your fastdl folder setup needs to reflect the servers.

I guess I just assume everyone does it that way.

So right now your folder setup is this?

Your url...
Forum: General 01-21-2017, 14:08
Replies: 11
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Re: Need Help How to setup FastDL for Skins

sv_forcepreload "1" is a recognized command?
Forum: Extensions 01-12-2017, 16:37
Replies: 252
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Forum: Extensions 01-11-2017, 00:58
Replies: 252
Views: 251,109

How the hell do I install this on a windows server?
Forum: Plugins 01-10-2017, 22:46
Replies: 210
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Re: Server Clean Up (1.2.2)

L 01/10/2017 - 21:28:20: SourceMod error session started
L 01/10/2017 - 21:28:20: Info (map "c2m1_highway") (file "errors_20170110.log")
L 01/10/2017 - 21:28:20: [SM] Failed to load plugin...
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 01-09-2017, 20:22
Replies: 7
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Re: 128 tickrate server rate

You are a broken record. Core speed is to low DANGER DANGER.
Forum: Plugins 01-09-2017, 15:27
Replies: 63
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Re: [TF2] Nanobot (Dodgeball Bot) (Player vs. Bot) (v1.8, 6-30-2016)

Well dang. I guess I will just start from scratch. Do I need to anything special in my server.cfg?

Edit: It was the dodgeball plugin I was using.
Forum: Plugins 01-07-2017, 01:25
Replies: 63
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Re: [TF2] Nanobot (Dodgeball Bot) (Player vs. Bot) (v1.8, 6-30-2016)

'Nanobot was moved to the other team for game balance'

How do I get this to stop?
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 10-29-2016, 20:22
Replies: 6
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Re: FastDl on localhost?

I wish it was that easy =/ .. I finally broke down and started using drop box.
Forum: Plugins 02-02-2016, 16:07
Replies: 2,204
Views: 1,531,758
Re: Advertisements 0.6 (Updated 2013/03/08)

Grab the morecolors.inc file from this plugin or just use this one.

I had luck with just grabbing the...
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 01-23-2016, 20:13
Replies: 0
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[TF2] Failed to find steam.inf


Any ideas?


dump file

edit: just deleted the...
Forum: Plugins 01-20-2016, 11:55
Replies: 27
Views: 38,310
Re: [ANY] SteamWorks.ext Update Check

Forum: Plugins 01-18-2016, 12:11
Replies: 639
Views: 477,869
Re: Updater

I have added SteamWorks as well. Is there any benefit to having both or can I remove SteamTools?
Forum: Plugins 01-16-2016, 18:20
Replies: 50
Views: 45,206
Re: [ANY] Automatic Steam Update (v1.0, 2014-12-21)

I use windows. How do I get my server to restart automatically for the update to kick in? I'm very green when it comes to this aspect.
Forum: Plugins 01-16-2016, 16:08
Replies: 639
Views: 477,869
Re: Updater

Went with SteamTools instead. There was a convent link for me =) thanks.
Forum: Plugins 01-15-2016, 15:49
Replies: 639
Views: 477,869
Re: Updater

I am a minimalist when it comes to adding anything. I just am going to add the socket ext. Does this statement still stand for the plugin to work?
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 01-14-2016, 14:56
Replies: 4
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Re: [TF2] Resource list with folders instead of maps?

I'm getting the same error using the same host.

Edit: Just noticed my download url is most likely wrong.
I was using http://artandmuh.site88.net/tf/maps/ as my folder not...
Forum: Plugins 01-11-2016, 12:20
Replies: 2,204
Views: 1,531,758
Re: Advertisements 0.6 (Updated 2013/03/08)

Light green and green worked. 'Team' color worked as well. No luck on red, orange, or purple. Running latest sourcemod and metamod on my TF2 server.
Forum: Plugins 01-09-2016, 20:15
Replies: 40
Views: 18,781
Re: [TF2] MedicBot (1.7.1) (Updated 24/5/15)

The MvM bot plugin he made does the same thing. Tidy chat removed it though.
Forum: Metamod:Source Plugins 01-09-2016, 12:59
Replies: 179
Views: 130,779
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 01-08-2016, 18:27
Replies: 2
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Re: [L4d2] Multiple SRCDS Server On Windows Server

I monkeyed around with that as well since I just wanted to run a Survivor only server. What I found was to leave sm_cvar mp_gamemode survival .. boot the server. Join the server and change it to...
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