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Forum: Scripting Today, 09:45
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Determining hour of the day and day of the week

UNIX timestamps don't include timezone information and is always the number of seconds since 1970 January 1 0:00 UTC.

The current UNIX time immediately before I posted this is 1561383914
Forum: Scripting 06-19-2019, 16:59
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Hello I need help on TF2 Health

...or you could just use SDKHooks's SDKHook_GetMaxHealth hook, which works on all epv2 games including TF2 and has its gamedata updated by the AlliedModders staff.
Forum: Off-Topic 06-15-2019, 16:05
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Your favorite programming language?

Java is really only used for Android phone apps and the backend of web applications these days.
Forum: Scripting 06-11-2019, 15:25
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Custom time using TF2s hud

TF2's HUD gets its time from a CTeamRoundTimer / team_round_timer.

Sometimes these timers have specific names, such as for Waiting for Player and KOTH clocks, but other times they don't.

Forum: Off-Topic 06-07-2019, 14:47
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: AlliedModders logo ???

What people say and what people actually mean are not always the same thing.

The topic from years ago had already shown that certain people were complaining about the logo when they were really...
Forum: Scripting 06-07-2019, 01:15
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: get data from other function.

Change other to take arguments and then call it with the data you retrieved.
Forum: Scripting 05-30-2019, 12:51
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Set user FLAG ROOT

Why are you not putting this admin in the normal admin system?

Adding a root admin by SteamID in a plugin sounds extremely shady.
Forum: Scripting 05-24-2019, 12:36
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: grey out menu entries

While it's not the standard menu API, the TopMenus (https://sm.alliedmods.net/new-api/topmenus/TopMenu) API (used by the Admin menu) allows you to set permissions on menu items; items will only be...
Forum: Scripting 05-22-2019, 00:30
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: trusted menu - colors.inc issue

Are you running this plugin on CS:GO?

CS:S (and the other 3 games that run the same version of the engine) support using hexadecimal color codes while CS:GO doesn't. Hence why the MoreColors...
Forum: Scripting 05-18-2019, 19:01
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Can I replace the administrator sounds?

I don't remember if the point contested sounds are client-side or not.

If they aren't client-side, then yes, using a normal sound hook. Something like

// without the sounds/ directory
Forum: General 05-15-2019, 17:17
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [CSGO] Remove Default End Timeleft Voting

There used to be a cvar mp_endmatch_votenextmap to disable the automatic end vote, but it hasn't been working for a while now. MapChooser Extended already sets this cvar in case Valve ever decides...
Forum: Scripting 05-15-2019, 15:26
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: How to get map names and add menu ?

Might want to change

ArrayList array = new ArrayList(64);
ArrayList array = new ArrayList(ByteCountToCells(64));

Also, the function GetMapDisplayName...
Forum: General 05-12-2019, 00:43
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: End of map Vote

Since this is CS:GO, doesn't it have to be in the current mapgroup in gamemodes_server.txt ?
Forum: Scripting 05-09-2019, 13:30
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Enable Voodoo Skin

The reason those plugins are only for bots is because for real players, Valve makes both weapons and cosmetic items invisible if you try to equip/attach them to a player.
Forum: Scripting 05-07-2019, 23:22
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Getting first value of the menu function and take points.

If you ever plan on changing the point values on this menu, you may want to add MenuAction_DrawItem to the actions list and then use that action in your menu handler to check the items. Something...
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 05-06-2019, 18:35
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: sm_nexmap null until manual map change

sm_nextmap should be set by the nextmap plugin when it starts up.

Have you disabled the nextmap plugin at some point?
Forum: Scripting 05-04-2019, 19:16
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Enable Voodoo Skin

If you're asking what fires when your loadout changes, it's the post_inventory_application (https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Team_Fortress_2_Events#post_inventory_application) event
Forum: Scripting 05-04-2019, 17:04
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: How to get admin immunity?

GetAdminImmunityLevel (https://sm.alliedmods.net/new-api/admin/GetAdminImmunityLevel)

Having said that, if you want to know whether a user can target another user, CanUserTarget...
Forum: Scripting 05-03-2019, 01:08
Replies: 18
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Enable Voodoo Skin

As the TF2 Wiki says:

I've taken it to mean that the attributes also don't work unless the correct holiday is set.

Also, note that the holiday numbers listed there are wrong. You need 2...
Forum: Scripting 05-01-2019, 20:54
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Would like help with a small plugin

Given how decompiling a map almost always ends up with bugs somewhere in the map, I disagree.
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 05-01-2019, 16:47
Replies: 4
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2 MvM] Can't see chat on the opposing team?

You know that there are two types of chat, right?

say (T key by default) displays to everyone on the server
say_team (Y key by default) displays to people on your team

Edit: Technically there...
Forum: Scripting 04-30-2019, 18:58
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: CSGO PrintToChat Problem

The line breaks being missing probably has something to do with CS:GO's Panorama UI, but I'm not familiar enough with CS:GO to confirm that.
Forum: Extensions 04-30-2019, 13:07
Replies: 683
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: DHooks (Dynamic Hooks - Dev Preview)

You forgot to mention that you only need one extension recompiled (DHooks itself) when you change to newer versions of SourceMod rather than recompiling all of them.
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 04-27-2019, 09:23
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: [TF2] Linux server unable to download workshop maps

John's likely going to ask for the contents of your workshop_log.txt when he does get back to you. Unless its location changed since the map workshop was introduced, it should be in
Forum: Scripting 04-27-2019, 08:55
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Posted By Powerlord
Re: Error with bots stuck

Does this occur on all maps or just some?

I'm asking because I'm wondering if it's a weird interaction with the bot navigation mesh (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Navigation_Meshes) for...
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