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Forum: General 10-18-2015, 01:20
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[TF2] fix for doomsday event?

Hi, was wondering if anyone knows how to fix the glitch when you change team and can get out of the kart on the doomsday_event map
if you don't know what i'm talking about-->...
Forum: Plugins 09-19-2015, 08:18
Replies: 511
Views: 143,348
Re: [TF2] TF2Ware v2- Wario Ware Microgaming!! 2.7.2 REVAMPED!

Tony in the download link (tf2ware_v272_server_FastDLfiles) you have for the "server fastDL" in materials/models/ you have there "zombie_fast" folder
that is not in the NOTfastDL materials/models
Forum: Plugins 09-14-2015, 21:36
Replies: 525
Views: 349,654
Re: FuncommandsX

hi, just tried to put it on cs:go server , disco and color players/self doesn't work at all,
getting this in error logs

L 09/14/2015 - 20:09:31: [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin...
Forum: Plugin/Gameplay Ideas and Requests 03-18-2015, 16:35
Replies: 4
Views: 720
[TF2] building plugin (paid)

Hi, looking for "building" plugin, gonna try to explain as much as i can (english is not my language)
first want to link this, i've asked few months back...
Forum: Plugins 03-18-2015, 00:31
Replies: 101
Views: 51,811
Re: SourcePets v1.185 (Updated: 2015-03-15)

Oshizu do me a favor and add "donate" button to your signature so i can send you little something for this awesome plugin
Forum: Plugin/Gameplay Ideas and Requests 01-08-2015, 16:59
Replies: 3
Views: 1,218
Re: [TF2 REQ] Grappling Hook?

Potato do you know the hook index # ?
Forum: Unapproved Plugins 01-01-2015, 06:29
Replies: 271
Views: 185,700
Re: [DEV] *DEAD* TF2ItemsInfo v1.8.17.7 (21 Nov 2013)

yea, thanks guys i wasn't sure since there on last page was link here saying here is a fix, so i wan't sure which one to use
thanks and HappY New Year
Forum: Plugins 01-01-2015, 05:56
Replies: 1,227
Views: 711,188
Re: MapChooser Extended 1.10.2 (Updated 2014-02-05)

Hi there,
wanted to ask you Powerlord if there is a cvar that i don't see , or any chance that we could put 1 map in the votes that would always show,like when the vote menu shows up from end or rtv...
Forum: Unapproved Plugins 12-24-2014, 02:49
Replies: 271
Views: 185,700
Re: [DEV] *DEAD* TF2ItemsInfo v1.8.17.7 (21 Nov 2013)

Hi,any chance you or anyone could upload the .smx?

i don't have the tf2itemsinfo.inc and the link in first post for it is dead
every time i try to click it i get "about:blank"
Forum: General 12-22-2014, 21:31
Replies: 2
Views: 575
Re: New user looking for help on menu display

i think he is asking if its possible to move the menu from down left corner of your screen else where (like top right corner of your screen) which i'm interested myself if its possible
Forum: Plugins 12-18-2014, 14:05
Replies: 696
Views: 364,075
Re: [TF2Items] Randomizer (v1.591, 08/11/2013)

Hi there, i haven't tested this mod yet, but saw some videos and the mod seems hilarious
was just wondering if by any chance you could implement "total chaos" into it with cvar to toggle random...
Forum: Plugins 12-18-2014, 03:54
Replies: 431
Views: 233,152
Re: [TF2] Taunt 'em

for those asking for menu, till FlaminSarge makes it, i did put up one for you

in your ftp go to tf/addons/sourcemod/configs> open adminmenu_custom.txt with notepad++ and copy/paste there this:...
Forum: Plugin/Gameplay Ideas and Requests 12-09-2014, 18:10
Replies: 0
Views: 486
[TF2] Buildings pre Nov. 20th 2014

was wondering if anyone could make a plugin that will allow to build buildings as you could before the patch 11/20/14
that did this> Added a check to prevent building in trigger_hurt...
Forum: SourceMod Anti-Cheat 12-02-2014, 21:01
Replies: 17
Views: 5,157
Re: Is Eyetest broken?

L 12/02/2014 - 04:35:39: [smac_eyetest.smx |] [email protected]@$ (ID: STEAM_0:1:101213402 | IP: is suspected of cheating with their eye angles. Eye Angles: 9 272 0
L 12/02/2014 -...
Forum: SourceMod Anti-Cheat 11-30-2014, 08:47
Replies: 17
Views: 5,157
Re: Is Eyetest broken?

i'm getting the eye test spam on the new halloween map, whenever people get into bumperkart it just spams like crazy
any fix for the bumperkarts somewhere?
Forum: Plugins 11-09-2014, 02:33
Replies: 85
Views: 37,923
Re: [TF2] Halloween Boss Player Kill Block

Reflex any chance you could add cvar no ubercharge after HHH is killed, since there is no island to go to after he dies, the uber is not needed
or is there something i'm missing to have the...
Forum: Plugins 11-01-2014, 14:18
Replies: 73
Views: 24,440
Re: [TF2] Kill log and Web Panel

any chance you could add future that would track players and the time they have spent on servers per week and would reset every week (like sunday to sunday),
like another stat to the existing ones,...
Forum: General 10-30-2014, 22:27
Replies: 24
Views: 3,800
Re: 19/30/14 TF2 Update

guys try 1.7.0-git4930.tar.gz (http://www.sourcemod.net/smdrop/1.7/sourcemod-1.7.0-git4930-linux.tar.gz) my server been up for like 15 minutes now without crash (Linux)
Forum: General 10-30-2014, 22:12
Replies: 24
Views: 3,800
Re: 19/30/14 TF2 Update

yea just tried the 4586 on linux since i saw powerlord saying his is running, but 4586 still crashing my linux too
Forum: General 10-30-2014, 21:59
Replies: 24
Views: 3,800
Re: 19/30/14 TF2 Update

me 6
btw does any of you have the SM 1.6.3 -4586 installed? Since i have 4584 and just want tp know if you are crashing on the 4586 too, so i don't have to bother trying it out
Forum: Plugins 10-20-2014, 14:00
Replies: 1,216
Views: 552,910
Re: [TF2] Model Manager 1.0.4 (08/03/2013)

just wait for the new snapshot http://www.sourcemod.net/snapshots.php (last one which it doesn't work with is 1.6.3-4581)to come around,hopefully it will be fixed, last Valve update broke it,...
Forum: Plugins 10-12-2014, 23:43
Replies: 102
Views: 38,837
Re: [ANY] LMAOban

send me pm with your paypal
Forum: Plugins 10-11-2014, 20:48
Replies: 102
Views: 38,837
Re: [ANY] LMAOban

hmm i think it stopped working
,just caught like 10 year old stupid kid mic spam and when i muted him and he just started chat spam with this shit

[19:26:00] [US] [Blue ] God Father ...
Forum: Plugins 10-10-2014, 09:03
Replies: 18
Views: 26,320
Re: [TF2] Be The Skeleton!

i'm not sure what exactly be the robot does though i have seen gazilion people to type !robot in my server, but you can put any robot model with the model manager,
just have to put right path...
Forum: Plugin/Gameplay Ideas and Requests 10-07-2014, 21:38
Replies: 6
Views: 1,413
Re: TF2 -give "a" flag - paid

yea i wanted "temporary" "a" flag upon joining server, Derek just finished it and it works fine
thanks for trying to help though, really appreciate it
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