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Forum: General Yesterday, 22:15
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: admin cfg file

Try the attached admins.cfg file. As DJ Tsunami stated you were missing brackets.
Forum: General Yesterday, 22:06
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Coloured names for Admins and etc?

For the colored name tags try using the [Source 2013] Custom Chat Colors plugin by the talented Dr. McKay. Here's a link: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1721580
Forum: Scripting 07-09-2020, 02:51
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Getting Uber Value and Setting Uber Value

Try this slightly edited version of the code. It compiles in Sourcemod 1.10 without errors or warnings. Not tested.

#include <tf2_stocks>

public Action OnSceneSpawned(int iEntity)
Forum: Scripting 07-09-2020, 00:55
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Getting Uber Value and Setting Uber Value

I haven't used these stocks but it appears that TF_GetUberLevel is multiplying the return by 100.

A fully charged medigun would have a "m_flChargeLevel" of 1.0. If we use the stock it would...
Forum: Scripting 07-08-2020, 21:56
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Getting Uber Value and Setting Uber Value

I found these stocks posted by naris in the snippets and tutorials section. They may be useful to you. I haven't tried them.

stock TF_IsUberCharge(client)
new index =...
Forum: Scripting 07-08-2020, 01:25
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Random Player Help

I went flashy with my TF2 random player selection:

Here's the core random selection part:
new iClients[MaxClients+1], iNumClients;
for(new i=1; i<=MaxClients; i++)
Forum: Extensions 07-05-2020, 16:59
Replies: 351
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Accelerator - Crash Reporting That Doesn't Suck

It worked for me before, during, and after the TF2 update. What symptom(s) are you seeing?

Is it running when you type this in the console?: sm exts list
Forum: Scripting 07-05-2020, 16:56
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Button Press Detection Issues

I think you should be using "m_afButtonPressed" to see if a button is pressed.

As Silvers stated you should be using OnPlayerRunCmd.

I too had problems with buttons being pressed. I learned...
Forum: Scripting 07-05-2020, 14:59
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Script to remove dropped TF2 ammo on player death?

I'm not aware of a cvar that will remove ammo drops.

I use this command in my server.cfg to remove dropped weapons:
sm_cvar tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 0
Forum: Scripting 07-05-2020, 14:32
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Execute a plugin command from a menu.

If you need the player to issue the sm_strike command and the player has access to it you could use the FakeClientCommand like this:

if (StrEqual(item,"Option1"))
Forum: Scripting 07-04-2020, 12:50
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Execute a plugin command from a menu.

Below is an example of what I use on my TF2 Server. The sounds are specific to TF2. Feel free to use/edit to suite your needs.

#include <sourcemod>
#include <tf2_stocks>

#pragma semicolon 1...
Forum: Scripting 07-02-2020, 15:53
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Posted By PC Gamer
[TF2] Spy Enforcer Weapon Attributes

Is it possible to remove the attribute 'dmg pierces resists absorbs' (attribute 797) from the Spy weapon called 'The Enforcer' (weapon 460)? If so, how?

I've tried to do it a couple of different...
Forum: Scripting 06-27-2020, 00:53
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Posted By PC Gamer
[TF2] Signature for CTFPlayer::RemoveObject


Does anyone have the latest Windows signature for CTFPlayer::RemoveObject?

Since the last TF2 update the signature for it is no longer valid.

The signature is used by the Building...
Forum: TF2Items 06-26-2020, 23:20
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Apply stat to all weapon variants

I don't think it will allow you to post a weapon classname such as tf_weapon_smg and have the attributes apply to all SMGs. That would be a nice feature though.
Forum: TF2Items 06-26-2020, 23:16
Replies: 8
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: Getting an error compiling a plugin for changing TF2 item stats

what plugin/config are you using to modify the attributes of the rocket jumper?
Forum: Plugins 06-26-2020, 23:11
Replies: 1,844
Views: 612,810
Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [ANY] Store by Zephyrus [1.1 - 03.01.2016]

Thanks for sharing Cruze! I didn't know it was possible to do it that way. Instead I made my own store2 plugin that uses/shares credits with the Zephryrus store. Your method is a whole lot easier...
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 06-26-2020, 14:59
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: FastDL Help

Your fastdl host address is invalid.

This is wrong: http://dubaicom.000webhostapp.com/GAME/

I get error 404 when I tried to access it.

Normally you would put something like this in your...
Forum: Plugins 06-22-2020, 00:18
Replies: 355
Views: 106,233
Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Custom Boss Spawner (v.5.0.2) [11/13/2016]

Here is a version without the HUD timer display in case anyone else is looking for it.

Have a Great Day!
Forum: Scripting 06-17-2020, 11:53
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: weapon_shield bug

It would be helpful if you posted:

1. The name of the game you are referring to.
2. The sp file of your code.
3. An explanation of what your code is supposed to be doing.
4. An explanation of...
Forum: Plugins 06-17-2020, 11:44
Replies: 162
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Bumper Cars 0x0D (Last updated 11/1/2015 | 3:30AM CDT)

Does the problem still exist if you use the attached version edited by FlaminSarge?

If so, how is the cart getting damaged? By another player? With what weapon?
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 06-17-2020, 00:22
Replies: 2
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [TF2] Server Crashing after 16June TF2 Update

Tested and confirmed. Works fine now. Thanks for the information nosoop!
Forum: Source Servers (SRCDS) 06-16-2020, 21:16
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Posted By PC Gamer
[TF2] Server Crashing after 16June TF2 Update

TF2 Update on 16June2020. Server updated. Server will start and run fine for a few minutes, then crash.

Accelerator crash IDs:

Note: Throttle...
Forum: Scripting 06-16-2020, 20:01
Replies: 1
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: MVMVictory HookUserMessage

I haven't used HookUserMessage before. But... after reading these:

Forum: Scripting 06-14-2020, 13:31
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: tf_wearable problems

Really? That's it? Three words to describe your problem? And... You didn't post all of your code? Why are you using one method to spawn any cosmetic, and a different method to spawn a Batter's...
Forum: Scripting 06-10-2020, 20:38
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Posted By PC Gamer
Re: [Team Fortress 2]How to get real weapon?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish in your plugin?

You can write code that hooks the event that fires when player touches a locker (post_inventory_application). You can then force give a...
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