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r3v 01-03-2021 13:07

[SOLVED] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
A couple of days ago, i found this thread:
With STEAM_GAMESERVER_A2S_INFO_REQUIRE_CHALLENGE=1 my sourcebans page (game monitor) shows the server is offline, but i can join in my server, find on "Find servers - Internet, Favourites". Same problem with Gametracker (Showing offline) but server is Online.
Tested on my CS:GO server, and clean CS:S server from another Dedicated Server.
By default, the "challenge" command is disabled, but in the future, i think it will be enabled, so it's need to be updated in sourcebans to show server status online if "challenge" is on?
Asking this, because i'm getting whese query attacks, so i'm trying protect the servers with iptables, without any damage.

asdfxD 01-10-2021 16:04

Re: [Question] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
Yes, sourcebans and gametracker needs to be updated to work again with this. Where i have to put this commands in, in linux after uploading the new files?


r3v 01-11-2021 12:57

Re: [Question] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
Okey, i can write step, how you can enable this only for LINUX.
1) Turn off fully your csgo/css linux server. (command: quit, and disable server screen CTRL+C)
2) Go to in that directory, where did you installed ./ and find linux32 folder
3) In linux32 folder find and
4) Copy whese files to your Main CSGO/CSS server /bin directory (for example /home/csgo_awp_server/bin) (ofcourse, before it, backup old files or rename it for example &
5) Go to your Main server directory and find srcds_run file. Open it. ( I recommend WinSCP for this or other text editor )
6) Find line: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${SRCDS_DIR}:${SRCDS_DIR}/bin:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}"
7) After this line, add:


Save it.

(For more info, go to this discussion: )

And Start the server like as always...

I have CSGO windows servers to on my PC, but i can't find that "srcds_run" file... So, just google it, or write comments in that Steam discussion thread where paste whese commands.

I'm using 6 CS:GO servers on Linux Debian 10. Whese commands with variables =1 , =25 , =1 which i'm using for now. My servers are in Lithuania, so Sweden or United Kingdom can see my servers to.
I'm always getting DDoS'ed everyday, so lag only appears for short time, for 3 seconds or little more.

So sooner or later, i think Steam will be updated the all servers for all with this Challenge=1. Not for only CS:GO, CS:S games, and for many games...
But for now, by the default, the Challenge is turned off, for testing maybe.

And it would be great to fix this thing on Sourcebans Website Page.

asdfxD 01-11-2021 23:56

Re: [Question] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
Does not work here. Also stop server, copy files, add stuff to srcds_run and run server again.

gametracker & sourcebans still work.

r3v 01-12-2021 14:27

Re: [Question] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
Looks like you're still using old csgo files.

1) Go in that discussion thread, and download what .zip file, and copy 2 files from linux32 folder, and start the server.


2) Try start ./ to update all steam files and exit from steam login console. In WinSCP options, make visible all hidden folders. Go where did you downloaded ./steamcmd (i downloaded in /root folder) and find hidden folder called ".steam/sdk32/" and edit link to updated for example /root/linux32/
And start the server.

Just downloaded clean CS:S server on my another linux VPS for testing. Changed 2 files (from updated ./steamcmd linux32 folder), added lines 3 lines and added on my Dedicated server CS:S ip address in sourcebans for the test. With challenge didn't show the server, without it - shows... Using updated SB++ from here

r3v 01-17-2021 04:48

Re: [Question] SB++ Dashboard Server Status
Okey, found the fix for this "problem"

Copy/paste in:


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