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Neural 06-30-2020 11:20

File ban?
Hello to all. I donít know if there is anything like this, but I need to give the player a ban who changes ip and steam id.

The idea is to upload a file to him. But the first problem I encountered, I can not upload a file to only one. AddFileToDownloadsTable uploads the file to everyone.

And the second problem, even if I can download this file to him, how to identify that he has it? I tried to precache callback, but in this case, precache is for everyone.

I will be glad of any help.

kadet.89 06-30-2020 18:47

Re: File ban?
The only way
Only it shows in clients console which file is being uploaded.
The filename can be set to something like window.vmf and some junk text can be added to clients console before and after uploading to hide it.
Also late ban, on spawn for instance, can make the way it happens less obvious.
The file itself may contain original steamid in an obfuscated format to identifiy each user and connect it with sourcebans...

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