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allroundernaman 05-20-2020 12:02

Server Crash
Hi There!

This happens with me only: My Linux GSM Server crash because of CSDM.
I am sure CSDM is causing this problem. Tried everything, seen many articles, nothing works. So I am here to ask.

: Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped)
I think only this plugin is not working. This happens when there are more than 1 players in the server or the single-player suicides. Ultimately, server crashes.

Another Thing: I need Deathmatch mod. Please help me with simple coded and optimized plugin that can work in my server. I tried Twisted Death Match and CSDM far till now.


instinctpt1 05-21-2020 14:15

Re: Server Crash
If your server is running REHLDS and REGAMEDLL
You can try: RECSDM, CSDM By reapi

allroundernaman 05-22-2020 04:06

Re: Server Crash
Let's try. I already have ReAPI module. What need else for installation?

allroundernaman 05-22-2020 04:46

Re: Server Crash

\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting\csdm_core.s ma(9) : fatal error 111: user error: ERROR: You AMXX version less then!
Error is same for all plugins, I am using latest stable release 1.8.3 What's the problem?

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