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Mankled 10-06-2019 14:53

help with default plugin
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hello, I would like to put translations in clcmds.ini.

this is what is inside of clcmds.ini
PHP Code:

"Kick player"         "amx_kick #%userid%"        "b"    "u"
"Slay player"         "amx_slay #%userid%"        "bd"    "u"
"Slap with 1 dmg."     "amx_slap #%userid% 1"        "bd"    "u"
"Ban for 5 minutes"     "amx_ban #%userid% 5"        "b"    "u" 

can someone put "kick player, slay player and etc" to support a lang, so it will be showed in multi languages to others players, it depends from his language. Example: if the guys who sees it speaks russian, he will see it in his language.

.sma bellow if needed

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