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zaviier 08-08-2022 13:59

help me to find the plugin
if i remember, I have use this plugin like in 2019 iirc. i forgot about the name

what plugin? letme explain.
so i have dedicated server for L4D2 and have custom model with FastDL
for example: parachute

so when other player join on my server for the first time after download, they will see the parachute as "ERROR" model, so he need to relog the game for make it normal.

is there any plugin for make it load normal when enter the server for first time instead of giving "ERROR" model and need to relog?

sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand

Marttt 08-08-2022 15:42

Re: help me to find the plugin
no way.

zaviier 08-08-2022 16:27

Re: help me to find the plugin

Originally Posted by Marttt (Post 2785880)

ahh, make sense. so this all happened because of Last Stand update huh :cry:

oqyh 08-08-2022 18:38

Re: help me to find the plugin
you can use my plugin
i just give warning to enable some cvars
cl_downloadfilter all .. etc

but please make sure you enable
sm_cl_ignorelinux "1"
so you dont let lunix force download cuz it make them crash as writen here

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