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paegus 10-14-2008 07:33

[Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
4 Attachment(s)
Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b


 * Hidden:SourceMod - Weight-Reporter
 * Description:
 *  Prints a player's chances based on existing weight points when the round ends.
 * Associated Cvars:
 *  hdn_selectmethod [0/1/2]    : The way the game chooses the next player. 0: Weighted, 1: Classing (Kill=Become), 2: Random. Default: 0
 *  hdn_hiddenrounds [rounds]    : The number of rounds a successful hidden can be hidden. Default: 5
 *  hsm_weighter_delay [seconds] : Seconds to wait after round ends before print out report. Should not exceed mp_chattime. Default: 0.25
 *  mp_chattime [seconds]        : Seconds between old round ending and new round starting.
 * Installation:
 *  Please make sure to put the *.phrases.txt file in the .../addons/sourcemod/translations folder otherwise the plugin wont operate properly.
 * Changelog:
 *  v1.0.3
 *  Removed dependency.
 *  v1.0.2
 *  Unloads automatically on Overrun maps.
 *  v1.0.1
 *  Added Language localization.
 *  Fixed bug where the chances would still be printed out even if hdn_hiddenrounds wasn't 1, and the hidden won but hadn't reach the limit. - thanks -SM-Sucker/The Dark Prince
 *  Changed myinfo:name to H:SM - WeighteR. It was copied from Carry the one.
 *  v1.0.0
 *  Initial Release.
 * Known Issues:
 *  A player's chances at round end are not final. They can still suicide or give ammo, thus altering their weighting.
 *  Does not support Overrun map mode as I've never taken the time to understand how the selection method works for those maps.

paegus 12-26-2008 20:39

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
added include that was missing.

Miawz 01-13-2009 09:11

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
Plugin failed to compile! Please try contacting the author.
Can you upload it somewhere else?

Lebson506th 01-13-2009 10:07

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
You need to compile it yourself with the include he attached.

Miawz 01-13-2009 10:38

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
Ow i see, is there a tutorial for that?

paegus 01-13-2009 10:47

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
click on 'Get Source' and save that file to your local sourcemod extraction's .../sourcemod/scripting/ folder.
click on and save that similarly to the .../sourcemod/scripting/include/ folder.
click on weighter.phrases.txt and save that to .../sourcemod/translations/
if you're using windows, go into the scripting folder and double click on compile.exe to compile all the .sm files in that folder.
if you're using linux run ./
the resultant .smx file will be in the .../sourcemod/scripting/compiled/ folder.
copy that to the server's .../addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder
execute sm plugins load hsm_weighter on the server's console

Miawz 01-13-2009 11:16

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter

Originally Posted by paegus (Post 743330)
the resultant .smx file will be in the .../sourcemod/scripting/compiled/ folder.

Do i have to create that folder myself? because when i run the ( for linux) then nothing gets created.

paegus 01-14-2009 06:05

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
make sure both and spcomp are executable: .../sourcemod/scripting$ chmod +x *comp* should do it.

all in all, i find it easier to write and compile things locally then upload the .smx by itself to the server. which also helps in case of a remote server's file-set... err... departure.

Miawz 01-14-2009 07:03

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
Exampel: i got a rented server and then i compile it on my computer and then upload it to the rented? or do i compile it on the rented?

Anyways if thats so why isnt the .smx just uploaded here?

Im quite new to all scripting n stuff sorry >:]

paegus 01-14-2009 19:14

Re: [Hidden:Source] Weight Reporter
the source is uploaded. the online compiler that runs when you click on "Get Plugin" tries to compile the plugin against the default install. the default install doesn't have in its include folder. you can compile it on either the server or your local machine. it's up to you. as long as you have the files in the right places and you are allowed to execute things on the given computer.

Anyway i've updated the plugin to no longer require so "Get Plugin" should work now. just make sure the phrases file is in the server's tranlation folder.

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