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EvgenKo423 04-18-2011 10:12

SM Time Warp
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SM Time Warp v1.5

This plugin can slow down time at the next events:
- Headshot kills
- Combo kills
- Grenade and knife kills
- Bomb explosions
- Round buy time (alternative freezetime)
- Some of the valve's achievements
- When the last player in a team has been killed

* Headshot series: you can set headshot count needed to activate time warp
* Kill series: you can set combo count needed to activate time warp
* Two working modes:
  • Event mode. In this mode time warp activates at simple events (like HS).
  • Skill mode. In a Skill mode each player has it's own probability of activating time warp. At the start you have a very little chance to activate time warp, but with each kill you gain mojo (and with each death you loose it).
* (De)Activation sounds: when time warp will be (de)activated, sound will be played
* Bullet trails: you will see them when time warp will be activated
* Activation control: you can include/exclude bots from activating time warp
* Mojo statistics: you can check your rank in a top list of players' mojo :wink:

All CVARs and their descriptions are stored in a configuration file: .../cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/sm_timewarp.cfg.
To check up the version of plugin you're using, type "tw_version" into your console.

  • English
  • Russian
Just unpack into the .../cstrike/ folder.

This plugin enables "sv_cheats" at the period of slowdown (just couple of seconds), so use it warily. I had fixed the "impulse 101" cheat, but I'm thinking it is not the one.

- Totally optimized!
- Added activation when the last player in a team has been killed
- Added an activation sound for all players (besides the sounds for killer and victim) and a deactivation sound
- Bullet trails now can have a different colors. Look at the config file for more information...
- Added mojo statistics (a lot of thanks to Dr. McKay for the information)
- Screen overlays has been redrawn to be smoother; changed the text on an overlay, which is shown at the round start
- Translation strings are merged into a single file
- Major bug fix

- Added activation at some of the valve's achievements (not any of the game achievements because of uses "sv_cheats" :()
- If min or max mojo is reached (in a Skill mode), it will be "min" or "max" word shown to you in a chat instead of mojo percent you just gain (or loose)
- Minor bug fixes
- Improved translation to English

- Added activation control. You can change activation mode by means of the tw_bot_mode CVAR

- Added bullet trails

- Fixed knife hit bugs
- Now Round Buy Time slowdown is controlled by it's own CVAR - "tw_buy_period"
- Improved translation to English
- Optimization and minor bug fix

1.0: First release

databomb 04-18-2011 10:21

Re: SM Time Warp
Why are you turning sv_cheats on for this? It's unnecessary.

EvgenKo423 04-18-2011 10:29

Re: SM Time Warp
I will be happy if host_timescale works without sv_cheats, but it isn't.

databomb 04-18-2011 11:35

Re: SM Time Warp
ClientCommand r_screenoverlay
host_timescale work on my server fine without sv_cheats 1.

If host_timescale gives you problems then turn off the cheats flag manually

SetConVarFlags(HandleToTimeScale, GetConVarFlags(HandleToTimeScale) & ~FCVAR_CHEAT)

but again, I don't believe it's flagged as a cheat.

EvgenKo423 04-18-2011 12:02

Re: SM Time Warp
databomb, I tried to do this earlier and tried now. It didn't work.

databomb 04-18-2011 12:17

Re: SM Time Warp
That doesn't even make sense. You're only turning cheats on to do the r_screenoverlay command and then turning it back off. r_screenoverlay is a cheat for the client but not from the server. Unless you have a listen server then I'm not sure what the problem is.

PHP Code:

ServerCommand("host_timescale %f"timescale);
    for (new 
1<= MaxClientsi++)
        if (
IsValidClient(i) && !IsFakeClient(i))
            if (
activator == 0)
ClientCommand(i,"r_screenoverlay timewarp/slowdown2");
sound GetConVarInt(tw_sound);
ClientCommand(i,"r_screenoverlay timewarp/slowdown1");
                if ((
sound == && != activator) || (sound && isBomb))

This is what you should do if you insist it's a cheat:
1. Make a global handle, gHandle
2. gHandle = FindConVar("host_timescale")
3. SetConVarFlags(gHandle, GetConVarflags(gHandle) & ~FCVAR_CHEAT)
4. SetConVarFloat(gHandle, newValue)

Rocknrolla 04-18-2011 13:37

Re: SM Time Warp
Is this a rework of bullettime? If so are you gonna implement bullet trails and bullet time style on-off sounds?
Just asking as I and my community have been waiting for someone to support a plugin of this kind.

EvgenKo423 04-18-2011 16:43

Re: SM Time Warp
databomb, I have a dedicated server. And I'm sure it is cheat! If you don't sure, change my plugin and see it the eyes.
Rocknrolla, Yes, it is. I will try to implement trails, but I woun't change sounds.

EvgenKo423 04-22-2011 11:10

Re: SM Time Warp
I have tried to implement bullet trails but I cann't get position where weapon shoots from.
If someone knows how to get this, please PM me. Weapon_ShootPosition offset returns the eye position :shock:. :?

Rocknrolla 04-22-2011 11:48

Re: SM Time Warp
Have you checked Vogelz's code on his bullettime plugin that used to run bullet trails?

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