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ztar 04-01-2010 21:34

[L4D2] Anti-Runner System
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First, I'm not good at English. Sorry for poor Sentence.

This plugin is intended to prevent from rushing into saferoom without helping other survivors by setting original rule.
Only person chosen(called Keyman) at random can open the saferoom door and It is not told immediately before.

* Rule *
- "Keyman" is chosen at random when round has started. Bot will not be Keyman.
- Only Keyman can open saferoom door (means goal side).
- Keyman is not notified until anyone reaches saferoom.
- The keyman is one person. If Keyman dies or disconnect, Keyman is re-selected.
- If tank is alive, Saferoom door is locked regardless with the above-mentioned rule.

sm_ar_announce : 1 (0:OFF 1:ON)
It will announce about this plugin.
sm_ar_lock_tankalive : 1 (0:OFF 1:ON)
If tank is alive, Saferoom door is locked.

1.0 - Initial release

IronWarrior 04-01-2010 22:11

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
Very nice idea.

alexip121093 04-01-2010 22:49

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
can you add a cvar to change the charger to tank.

Herokim 04-02-2010 07:30

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
Would you like to make forcing cvar for admin to choose key man? Because i am single person often and i cant get into safe room, thank you.

chris1701 04-02-2010 09:51

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
When I tranlate it into chinese and convert it, it show a warning message, do I need to ignore it??

kiraibrasil 04-02-2010 11:37

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
Very good, I needed it

kiraibrasil 04-02-2010 13:40

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
errors. Exp sometimes the survivor will close the door to the secure room and he did not finish the game
Map c5m2_park

FuzzOne 04-03-2010 02:56

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System

ionxp 04-03-2010 07:50

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
also make a cvar for admins only to be able to open doors(admin keyman) please

Herokim 04-03-2010 09:26

Re: [L4D2] Anti-Runner System
Could you at least make to show a menu to person that is keyman? But not to other.....

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