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daren adler 08-11-2017 15:02

Need help on Skin chooser for hl2dm
It all works,,i just want to kno how to have more then 2 skins for the bots,,i have 2 skins for the bots Gordon Freeman and Barney,,they work great!,,How can i add eli and alyx in there so they show all 4 bots skins on the bots(i use 6 bots). i kno you can add it like models/alyx/alyx.mdl

I tryed and put the 2 others the same way but it will only show 2 of them skins on bots in game.
Can someone help and explaine how to do that?

I think ive asked the ? the wrong way on here soo forgive me please!
I use the skin_chooser_hl2dm_new that you have on here.

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