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mranis18 06-18-2020 00:28

bug icon country flag
i upload all icon country and in my web page sourcebans he dont detected country players please i need fix

DarkDeviL 06-18-2020 08:46

Re: bug icon country flag
Country is taken based on the IP address attached on the ban; if you are creating e.g. web bans from the panel, but not putting in an IP address on the ban, the ban will have no country (e.g. ZZ, showing the image you see).

If also bans with IP addresses attached are showing up like that, it often means that you need to look at updating your GeoIP databases.

MaxMind (provider of the GeoIP database) did make something a while back, so you might have to create a login and regularly update it, meaning that country information will become very stale with time if you don't (manually) do that.

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