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[PL]Luki 10-10-2010 14:44

[TF2] Trade Chat 1.5.1 (2012.10.09)
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Trade Chat v 1.5.1

This plugin adds a special trade chat, players can hide it.

Players can use /t to say something on trade chat and /togglechat to disable/re-enable tradechat for themselves. They also can use /lt to re-send their last offer or /mlt to check what is their last offer. Logs from the trade chat is stored in sourcemod/logs/tradechat.log

Admins with chat flag can use sm_trade_(un)gag to disable trade chat for selected player(s).

  • sm_trade_version - plugin version
  • sm_trade_adinterval - interval between displaying the advert (0 = disable)
  • sm_trade_antispam_delay - minimum delay between messages from one client (0 = disable)
  • sm_trade_antispam_max - maximum number of messages, that player can send during block time before autogag (0 = disable)
  • sm_trade_chatcheck - 0 = disable; values from 1 to 3 - check triggers from 1 to 3 (i. ex. sm_trade_chatcheck = 2 => plugin will only check triggers 1 and 2)
  • sm_trade_chattrigger1 - chat trigger for sm_trade_chatcheck
  • sm_trade_chattrigger2 - chat trigger for sm_trade_chatcheck
  • sm_trade_chattrigger3 - chat trigger for sm_trade_chatcheck
  • sm_trade_chattag - tag for the chat notifications
  • sm_trade_antispam_punish - should the plugin reset the interval between messages every time player tries to send something during the block time?
  • sm_trade_antispam_showinterval - show the remaining time player has to wait before sending another offer

  • Version 1.0 (10.10.2010)
    • Initial Release
  • Version 1.1 (10.10.2010)
    • Added translations
    • Added 'sm_trade_(un)gag'
    • First public release
  • Version 1.2 (10.30.2010)
    • Added 'antispam system'
      • Added 'sm_trade_antispam_delay'
      • Added 'sm_trade_antispam_max'
    • Added 'sm_trade_adinterval'
    • Added 'sm_trade_version'
  • Version 1.2.1 (11.07.2010)
    • Added autoconfigs (tf/cfg/sourcemod/plugin.tradechat.cfg)
    • Deleted /wts, /wtt, /wtb, /lf - It will be used in other plugin
    • Fix for 'antispam'
  • Version 1.2.2 (11.22.2010)
    • Players who have disabled trade chat won't see the advert
    • Added new translations:
  • Version 1.3.1 (06.04.2011)
    • Added chat checking
      • Added 'sm_trade_chatcheck'
      • Added 'sm_trade_chattrigger1', 'sm_trade_chattrigger2' and 'sm_trade_chattrigger3'
    • Added Portuguese translation by The JCS (Thanks!)
  • Version 1.4 (09.17.2011)
    • Added ability to re-send the last offer (ClientPrefs is required)
      • Added 'sm_lt'
      • Added 'sm_lasttrade'
      • Added new advert about re-sending offers
      • Now only one advert is printed at once
    • Small fix for chat checking - now messages with '/' or '!' as a first char are ignored (no more handling commands like "/cvar sm_trade_antispam_delay")
  • Version 1.4.1 (02.25.2012)
    • Updated translations
    • Added Hungarian translation by SeoToX
    • Added checking if player is gagged/silenced when sending an offer
  • Version 1.5 (05.08.2012)
    • Updated translations, commands' names are now upper case
    • Basecomm plugin is now an optional dependency
    • Removed sm_trade, sm_lasttrade
    • Changed sm_hidechat to sm_togglechat
    • Added sm_trade_chattag, sm_trade_antispam_punish, sm_trade_antispam_showinterval
    • Added sm_mlt (my last trade)
    • Fixed targeting in trade (un)gag
    • Added an information when clientprefs is disabled
    • Fixed ad timer interval (any changes to its cvar will work immediately)
    • Fix (probably) for this:
  • Version 1.5.1 (2012.10.09)
    • Fixed minimum value of sm_trade_adinterval
    • Added Korean translation by Minoost

To Do in future releases:
  • Add support for Updater
  • Any suggestions?

  • Put tradechat.sp to sourcemod/scripting
  • Put to sourcemod/scripting/include
  • Put tradechat.phrases.txt to sourcemod/translations
  • Compile it and copy the .smx file to sourcemod/plugins

Thanks to:

SVN repository:

Zuko 10-10-2010 14:47

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
Valve should add something like this to game.

bouncer 10-10-2010 15:03

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
could you add some screenshots? I'm not sure I understand how this exactly works.

[PL]Luki 10-10-2010 15:30

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat

It's good tool, when you don't want to see spam about trading.

Snaggle 10-10-2010 17:42

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
Great idea, it will be added to my servers!

bouncer 10-10-2010 18:49

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
one thing that's bad about this... is if the player isn't really aware about this separate chat... then they won't see what ppl in it say.. idk its like people would be talking in two different worlds without being aware of each other if they aren't aware of the special feature.
I have yet to think if this would benefit our server or if something could be modified.
But overall it is a great idea.

JOSHBOX 10-10-2010 22:47

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
Thanks for this! I just added this to my server and it has been a success so far!

Skyrider 10-11-2010 07:46

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
Plugin failed to compile! Please try contacting the author.

>_>. I really hate the compiling when it comes to compiling the file with the file.

MjrNuT 10-11-2010 13:10

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
I don't think I mind too much about ppl coming to trade. Given how the game is can be disruptive. In essence I like the separate chat for Trading. Makes alot of sense in separating from the actual game play chats. I'm sure root admins will still see all the chat from both, correct? Or are you able to configure what flag_admin (Ban/Kick) is immune to the separation?

Lastly....I don't know if anyone has made one or thought of it....I would really like people to go to SPECTATOR to do the trading. This would be my preference, so in thinking of this plugin, a cvar to enable/disable -- Move to Spectator slot if client action /trade. Something like that.

Some of these things, ideally should be default from Valve, but se la vie until then.

kim_perm 10-15-2010 07:06

Re: [TF2] Trade Chat
Good idea, I'll install this now.

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