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Kenty 01-10-2006 22:56

Spawnpoint Files
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Hello all, I am a bit new to, and considering this is my first post, I figured I should make it a good one. :D

Anyways, I just finished making 3 spawnpoint files for the following maps:

cs_kismayo (Click for Screenie)

cs_militia_bymicosv2 (Click for Screenie

cs_office_extended (Click for Screenie)

To install, upload/copy to your server's cstrike/addons/cssdm/maps directory.

I hope someone will find these useful :) and If someone has already beat me to these maps, oh well.

Any comments are greatley appreciated!

P.S. You should be able to find most, if not all of these maps here


Masamune747 01-11-2006 00:33

hey thanks a lot man!

imported_davidov 01-11-2006 06:15

it could also be a good idea to have a stivky post with a list of spawnpoint for custom maps...
btw thx for those ones...

Kenty 01-11-2006 13:30

Hey, Thanks!
Thanks for the feed back guys, Im planning on making some more whenever I get home from school for:



All of the above maps can be found here


Which im also trying to make a new .nav file for the map, because the current one really sucks. But first I have to figure out how to make them. :lol: Im sure ill get it though :wink:

cs_retreat can be found here.

As I said before, ill post these spawnpoints once I get home and get a chance to make them.

Thanks again for the all the feedback guys!


:EDIT: I took out de_bulgeska, it was a 154 MB Map, (lol kinda forgot about that) so Im sure no one would be interested in it.

lex_talionis 01-11-2006 14:26

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Great idea! Maybe Bailopan can sticky this thread?

Any how, here are a few more, and BAILOPAN, you are welcome to roll these up in future releases of CS:S DM:

aim_ag_texture, aim_shotty, fy_funtimes, fy_iceworld_arena, dm_battlecreek_v3, cs_reflex3, fy_barn, fy_rocks, fy_trenches, ba_texture_arena2, ba_ffg2_v1, aim_ag_texture2, aim_ag_texture5, aim_ag_texture_r, fy_blazin, fy_blizzard_rc1, de_industrial_crane_v3, wired, dm_dark_sanctuary

All of these have random spawns in good areas; that is, there are no spawns in bad places (i.e. on boxes that break, places where model can get stuck).

Average spawn point count is between 40 and 50. (This count works great for about 17-20 players so the likelyhood of spawners spawning atop one another is low).

Spawn files are attached below and as always, I'm working on more!

fy_barn DOWNLOAD

fy_rocks DOWNLOAD

fy_trenches DOWNLOAD

ba_texture_arena2 (large, about 3 times larger than ag_texture) I recommend to not comment out awp weapon for this CS:S DM map)! DOWNLOAD


ba_ffg2_v1 (sweet map! same guy how developed ba_texture_arena2 and this one has 65 random spawns!) DOWNLOAD


aim_ag_texture2 DOWNLOAD


aim_ag_texture5 (can't find where to DL at the moment, unless you want to connect to my server and port from your client /maps folder)

aim_ag_texture_r (can't find where to DL at the moment, unless you want to connect to my server and port from your client /maps folder)

fy_blazin DOWNLOAD


fy_blizzard_rc1 (good fps plus some fun can slap water mellons around and they explode!) DOWNLOAD


de_industrial_crane_v3 (great map design IMHO, bomb sites are under-ground and all random spawn points are above ground...use stripper if you want to remove bomb site entities) DOWNLOAD


wired (another nice map that has good detail but w/o the extra system runs smooth with good fps, no bomb sites and not hostages) DOWNLOAD


dm_dark_sanctuary (THE BEST CSSDM map ever created IMHO! Custom 50 spawn-point txt file included in below )


You can play this entire map rotation on CS:S DM FFA mode with Zombie Skins and GoreMod at (10 slot 24/7)


Kenty 01-11-2006 23:28

Part 2
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Hey, I just finished making the spawnpoints for:






dusp2k 01-19-2006 04:15

are there any more DM maps with spawnpoints for download as they are hard to find

BAILOPAN 01-19-2006 10:17

1)Anyone wanna make some militia spawns for me?
2)If you would like your spawns included in CS:S DM releases, please say so in your post. I will include them and any updates to them you post later on.

lex_talionis 01-19-2006 13:44

Sure BAILOPAN, roll mine up if you want.


No offence, but 34 spawns is not near enough for cs_militia, unless you play it with 10 slots. I would make at least 50.


jsterling 01-19-2006 14:01

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Here is one with 34 spawnpoints. If anyone would like to add or edit these please do.

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