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shadowdragon 01-23-2015 01:07

Shadows Advance Gun Menu
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Advance Gun Menu

This plugin allows you to create a custom gun menu that is best used for zombie like gamemodes. This plugin has only been tested in CSGO but Should also work with CSS.

Drag and drop everything into your server.


TimeUntillDisabled 20.0 //Time untill the weapon menu gets disabled

Global Forwards
PHP Code:

 * Called after a gun menu item is selected.
 *@param GunName           Gets the gun name
 *@param ClientName        Gets the clients name
 *@param UserIndex           Gets users index
forward OnGunMenuSelect(const String:GunName[], const String:ClientName[], UserIndex);
 * Called when gun menu has been disabled.
forward OnGunMenuDisable(); 

You will need to add your own weapons in your weapons.ini file located in configs/weapons.
PHP Code:

"weapon_p250"//Weapon string this will be show in the menu
"ID"    "0"//ID must always increment by one
"ID"    "1"

PHP Code:

v0.1 Initial Release 

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