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SeLfkiLL 02-10-2007 01:21

CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Finally, CSS:RPG for Metamod: Source!

Brief Description:
CSS:RPG Mod is a role playing (level-based) server-side plugin for Counter-Strike: Source. It's based off the UT2004RPG Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004.

As you kill your opponents, you gain Experience. Eventually when you have reached your experience quota, you gain a new Level. This means you can buy Upgrades which give you an advantage over your opponent.

CSS:RPG Mod allows you to buy the Upgrades you want or Sell them for different Upgrades. Each Upgrade has a higher Level. So for example, Regeneration Level 2 will give you two health points every second as opposed to one health point every second for Regeneration Level 1. All player data is saved into a SQLite Database so there is no need to setup any type of Remote Database. CSS:RPG is also highly customizable with variables that change the plugin effectively immediately after it has been set. The source code for CSS:RPG is made publicly available under the zlib/libpng open source license for people who want to port the plugin to their own Half-Life 2 mod or just want to learn how to create a plugin.

CSS:RPG v1.0.5 for Windows/Linux
CSS:RPG v1.0.5 Source Code for Windows/Linux

  • Regeneration - Gives a player health every second.
  • Health+ (Health Bonus) - Increases the maximum health a player has.
  • Resupply - Gives a player ammo every 3 seconds.
  • Vampire - The damage done to an enemy is the health rewarded to the player.
  • Stealth - Decreases the player's visibility.
  • LongJump - Increases the player's jump distance (not height).
  • FireGrenade - Grenades set the player's enemies on fire (as well as do regular grenade damage).
  • IceStab - Secondary knife attack freezes a player in place (however, weapons besides the knife will do little damage to a frozen player).
  • FrostPistol - All pistols slow the player down, the lesser used pistols have more effect.
  • Denial - Gives items and weapons bought back if the player dies.
  • Impulse - Player will move faster for 0.8 seconds when shot. Does not work when shot with FrostPistol.
  • Medic - Nearby teammates are healed every 2 seconds till they reach their maximum health, then repaired to their maximum armor.



CSS:RPG v1.0.5
- Compatibility with the last update
- Metamod: Source conversion
- File Variable Manager
- Added CVAR: cssrpg_denial_restrict to restrict certain weapons
- Added Upgrade: Impulse - increases speed when under fire
- Added Upgrade: Medic - automatically heals teammates near you or repairs their armor
- Removed lowered sensitivity feature from IceStab
- Fixed Bug 1: Upgrade Level 1 Exploit
- Fixed Bug 2: Negative Credits Exploit Fixed
- Overall major code improvements and optimizations

CSS:RPG v1.0.3
- Added Denial Upgrade (Original UT2004RPG Skill)
- Added FrostPistol Upgrade
- Modified IceStab to lower sensitivity on frozen players
- Added CVAR cssrpg_icestab_limit_dmg to limit inflicted damage on frozen players from anything other than the knife
- Icestabbed victims will not be able to IceStab other players until unfrozen
- Added 22 new console commands for CSS:RPG, use rpg_help for a list
- Added CVARs cssrpg_<upgrade>_maxlevel to decrease or increase the maximum level for an Upgrade
- Added cssrpg_bot_maxlevel to control the maximum level a bot can attain before its stats are reset
- Added support for HintText-style Experience notices
- Added CVAR cssrpg_exp_notice to enable/disable the hint text notices
- Added Multi-Language support with some language configs included: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Hungerian
- Added CVAR cssrpg_default_lang to set the default language for the server
- Bug Fix: Level 1 players will be deleted if they haven't played for 3 days
- Bug Fix: LongJump Exploit
- Bug Fix: cssrpg.db on Linux will now automaticly be removed to the cstrike/cfg/cssrpg directory

CSS:RPG v1.0.2
- Added IceStab Upgrade
- Added rpgrank and rpgtop10
- Added Settings menu for the option "Reset Stats"
- Added cssrpg_announce_newlvl to turn on or off player level increase announcements
- Added cssrpg_exp_knifedmg to set the amount of Experience for knife damage
- Added cssrpg_steamid_save for saving data by SteamID instead of SteamID and name
- Added cssrpg_exp_notice to notice players when they recieve Experience (won't show damage xp)
- Added Objective Experience CVARs
- cssrpg_exp_teamwin
- cssrpg_exp_bombplanted
- cssrpg_exp_bombdefused
- cssrpg_exp_bombexploded
- cssrpg_exp_hostage
- cssrpg_exp_vipescaped
- Incomplete cssrpg_enable bug: Fixed
- FF Damage XP and Vamp bug: Fixed
- Stealth Bug: Fixed

CSS:RPG v1.0.1
- Stealth Upgrade Added
- Autosave Bug: Fixed
- Flashbang Resupply Bug: Fixed
- Sale Price Bug: Fixed
- Bots buying over the Upgrade Max Level: Fixed
- Added cssrpg_version
- Added cssrpg_save_interval
- Added some color to the greeting text
- Added color to the newbie Level text
- Added Linux Compatibility
Thanks to BAILOPAN, sslice, and others from #sourcemod for all their support to get CSS:RPG 1.0.5 working for Metamod: Source

Visit for more information and support.

BAILOPAN 02-10-2007 02:14

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Congratulations on the release!

SeLfkiLL 02-10-2007 04:52

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Thanks :)

PureSpider 02-10-2007 04:55

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
I always loved your plugin... and now with MM:S... JUST AWESOME! :D

Rebell 02-10-2007 05:55

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
fiinnaly you did it :-)


tron73 02-10-2007 06:10

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Nice to have you here :) MetamodSource now comes to the middle. Now only PTBX needs a new SourceMM-Version, then everything is okay.

tron73 02-10-2007 06:56

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Question: The archiv contains no cssrpg103.cfg ? Something old not needed ?

PureSpider 02-10-2007 07:11

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
my newest confing, with all new upgrades in:

// General Settings
cssrpg_enable "1" //If set to 1, CSSRPG is enabled, if 0, CSSRPG is disabled
cssrpg_bot_enable "1" //If set to 1, bots will be able to use the CSSRPG plugin
cssrpg_debug "0" //Turns on debug mode for this plugin
cssrpg_save_data "1" //If disabled, the database won"t be updated (this means player data won"t be saved!)
cssrpg_steamid_save "1" //Save by SteamID instead of by SteamID and name
cssrpg_default_lang "english.txt" //Default language file (e.g. english.txt)
cssrpg_save_interval "60" //Interval (in seconds) that player data is auto saved (0 = off)
cssrpg_player_expire "0" //Sets how many days until an unused player account is deleted (0 = never)
cssrpg_bot_maxlevel "500" //The maximum level a bot can reach until its stats are reset (0 = infinite)
cssrpg_announce_newlvl "1" //Global announcement when a player reaches a new level (1 = enable, 0 = disable)

// Experience General Settings
cssrpg_exp_notice "1" //Sets notifications to players when they gain Experience
cssrpg_exp_max "500000" //Maximum experience that will ever be required
cssrpg_exp_start "250" //Experience required for Level 1
cssrpg_exp_inc "50" //Incriment experience requied for each level (until cssrpg_exp_max)

// Specific Experience Settings
cssrpg_exp_damage "1.0" //Experience for hurting an enemy multiplied by the damage done
cssrpg_exp_knifedmg "8.0" //Experience for knifing an enemy multiplied by the damage done (must be higher than exp_damage)
cssrpg_exp_kill "15" //Experience for a kill multiplied by the victim"s level
cssrpg_exp_headshot "50" //Experience extra for a headshot
cssrpg_exp_teamwin "0.15" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio given to a team for completing the objective
cssrpg_exp_bombplanted "0.15" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio given for planting the bomb
cssrpg_exp_bombdefused "0.30" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio given for defusing the bomb
cssrpg_exp_bombexploded "0.20" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio given to the bomb planter when it explodes
cssrpg_exp_hostage "0.10" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio for rescuing a hostage
cssrpg_exp_vipescaped "0.35" //Experience multipled by the experience required and the team ratio given to the vip when the vip escapes

// Credits Settings
cssrpg_credits_inc "5" //Credits given to each new level
cssrpg_credits_start "0" //Starting credits for Level 1
cssrpg_sale_percent "1" //Percentage of credits a player gets for selling an item

// Regeneration Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_regen_enable "1" //Sets the Regeneration item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_regen_maxlevel "10" //Regeneration item maximum level
cssrpg_regen_cost "15" //Regeneration item start cost
cssrpg_regen_icost "15" //Regeneration item cost increment for each level

// Health+ Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_hbonus_enable "1" //Sets the Health Bonus (Health+) item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_hbonus_maxlevel "10" //Health Bonus (Health+) item maximum level
cssrpg_hbonus_cost "15" //Health Bonus (Health+) item start cost
cssrpg_hbonus_icost "20" //Health Bonus (Health+) item cost increment for each level

// Resupply Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_resup_enable "1" //Sets the Resupply item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_resup_maxlevel "10" //Resupply item maximum level
cssrpg_resup_cost "5" //Resupply item start cost
cssrpg_resup_icost "15" //Resupply item cost increment for each level

// Vampire Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_vamp_enable "1" //Sets the Vampire item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_vamp_maxlevel "15" //Vampire item maximum level
cssrpg_vamp_cost "25" //Vampire item start cost
cssrpg_vamp_icost "25" //Vampire item cost increment for each level

// Stealth Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_stealth_enable "0" //Sets the Stealth item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_stealth_maxlevel "5" //Stealth item maximum level
cssrpg_stealth_cost "15" //Stealth item start cost
cssrpg_stealth_icost "10" //Stealth item cost increment for each level

// LongJump Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_ljump_enable "1" //Sets the LongJump item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_ljump_maxlevel "5" //LongJump item maximum level
cssrpg_ljump_cost "20" //LongJump item start cost
cssrpg_ljump_icost "20" //LongJump item cost increment for each level

// FireNade Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_fnade_enable "1" //Sets the FireGrenade item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_fnade_maxlevel "10" //FireGrenade item maximum level
cssrpg_fnade_cost "15" //FireGrenade item start cost
cssrpg_fnade_icost "20" //FireGrenade item cost increment for each level

// IceStab Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_icestab_enable "0" //Sets the IceStab item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_icestab_maxlevel "3" //IceStab item maximum level
cssrpg_icestab_cost "30" //IceStab item start cost
cssrpg_icestab_icost "30" //IceStab item cost increment for each level
cssrpg_icestab_limit_dmg "10" //Maximum damage that can be done upon icestabbed victims (0 = disable)

// FrostPistol Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_fpistol_enable "1" //Sets the FrostPistol item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_fpistol_maxlevel "15" //FrostPistol item maximum level
cssrpg_fpistol_cost "30" //FrostPistol item start cost
cssrpg_fpistol_icost "30" //FrostPistol item cost increment for each level

// Denial Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_denial_enable "1" //Sets the Denial item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_denial_maxlevel "3" //Denial item maximum level
cssrpg_denial_cost "25" //Denial item start cost
cssrpg_denial_icost "50" //Denial item cost increment for each level

// Impulse Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_impulse_enable "1" //Sets the Impulse item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_impulse_maxlevel "5" //Impulse item maximum level
cssrpg_impulse_cost "20" //Impulse item start cost
cssrpg_impulse_icost "20" //Impulse item cost increment for each level

// Medic Upgrade Settings
cssrpg_medic_enable "1" //Sets the Medic item to enabled (1) or disabled (0)
cssrpg_medic_maxlevel "15" //Medic item maximum level
cssrpg_medic_cost "30" //Medic item start cost
cssrpg_medic_icost "30" //Medic item cost increment for each level

echo "CSS RPG Settings have been loaded."

just take it and adjust it like you want to :D

tcviper 02-10-2007 07:50

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5
Congrats and good job Selfkill!

krod 02-10-2007 19:02

Re: CSS:RPG v1.0.5

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