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shanapu 05-27-2016 19:24

[CS:GO] MyJailbreak - warden, days, menu & more (Beta 14 - 13/08/18)

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MyJailbreak a plugin pack for CS:GO jail server

MyJailbreak is a redux rewrite of Franugs Special Jailbreak a merge/redux of eccas, ESK0s & zipcores Jailbreak warden and many other plugins.

Included Plugins
  • Warden - set/become warden,vote retire warden, model, icon, open cells,gun plant prevention, extend roundtime, handcuffs, laser pointer, painter, set marker/quiz/EventDays/countdown/FF/nobock/mute
  • Requests - terror requests. refuse a game, request Capitulation/Pardon, healing or repeating, report freekill
  • Last Guard Rule - When Last Guard Rule is set the last CT gets more HP and all terrors become rebel
  • Menu - player menus for wardens, deputys, guards, prisoner or spectator
  • Menu custom - add custom item to wardens, deputys, guards, prisoner or spectator
  • Weapons - weapon menus for guards, prisoner(in event round)
  • Player Tags - add player tags for T, T.Admin, CT, CT.Admin, W, WA.Admin in chat &/or stats
  • Icons - add a icon above players head for guards, prisoner, warden, deputy, rebel, cuffed & freeday
  • HUD - a player HUD to display game informations
  • Ratio - Manage team ratios and a queue system for prisoners to join guard through
  • Event Days - vote/set a Event Day to start the current or next round with cooldowns, rounds in row, sounds & overlays
  • War - CT vs T Team Deathmatch
  • Free For All - Deathmatch
  • Zombie - CT(zombie) vs T(Human) stripped down zombie reloaded
  • No Scope - No Scope Deathmatch with low gravity & configurable or random sniper
  • HE Battle - Grenade Deathmatch with low gravity
  • Hide in the Dark - CT(Seeker) vs T(Hider) kind of HideNseek
  • Catch & Freeze - CT must catch all T (freeze tag)
  • Duck Hunt - CT(hunter) with nova vs T(chicken in 3th person) with 'nades
  • Arms Race - Deathmatch - inspired by csgos arms race
  • One in the Chamber - Deathmatch - inspired by cods oitc
  • Teleport War - Deathmatch - Change you position with your victim on hit.
  • Suicide Bomber - Ts got suicide bombs to kill all CTs
  • Drunken - Deathmatch under bad conditions
  • Ghost War - Deathmatch - you can see the enemy just for seconds
  • Deal Damage - Deal so much damage as you can to enemy team. Team with most damage dealt wins
  • Zeus - Taser Deathmatch and gets a new Zeus on Kill
  • Torch Relay - Random player set on fire. He must burn other to extinguish the fire
  • Cowboy - Deathmatch with revolver or dual barettas and acustic hit marker
  • Knife - Knife Deathmatch with configurable gravity, iceskate, and third person
  • Freeday - Auto freeday on first round &/or if there is no CT
All plugins can be used as standalone without need of any other plugins of MyJailbreak. When using two EventDays you'll need myjailbreak.smx too.

Add-ons: (you need them to interact with these plugins)

  • Activly maintained & further development
  • SourcePawn Transitional Syntax
  • Wiki & FAQ
  • Multilingual support
  • Extensive API
  • Custom chat commands !mycommand
  • Custom chat tags [MyJB.tag]
  • Chat colors
  • Sounds & overlays
  • Flag system - restrict some features only for admin/VIP
  • Natives & forwards of the original warden plugins to keep compatibility
  • Small tutorial for making your own custom overlay or icon
  • some other fancy stuff

Plugin descriptions, pictures, commands & convars

Natives & forwards - api

Include files needed for compile core plugins

Required plugins
Recommend/Optional plugins/extensions - these extend & improve the features of MyJailbreak

Supported 3th party plugins - enable the related support plugins in plugins/MyJailbreak/disabled to use their features

used code & stuff from:
Addicted, ecca, Zipcore, ESK0,, Franc1sco, databomb, walmar, KeepCalm, bara, Arkarr, KissLick, headline, MasterOfTheXP, Rachnus, Damizean, Hipster, ReFlexPoison, 8guawong, Mitchell, Xines, Jackmaster, Impact123, Kaesar, andi67, Dr.Doctor and many other I can't remember, unfortunately!

Also big thanks to all sourcemod and metamod developers out there!

Much Thanks:
Drixevel, devu4, good_live, olegtsvetkov, headline, Weeeishy, kiko, Got Sw4g? terminator18, SkeLeXes, 0dieter0, maKs, TomseN48, Horoxx, zeddy, NrX, ElleVen, Bchewy, Include1, alsacchi, .ichiballs, Murr, poppin-fresh, databomb, r3D w0LF, JacobThePigeon, mrkos9i4ok, caaine, Murr, Hexer10 for bughunting, translation, contributions & great ideas!


What should I consider if I open a issue on github or post on forum?
  • Take a look to the FAQ.
  • Read the issues on github & posts on forums thread - maybe your request was already posted there.
  • Use descriptive topic titles & descriptions. "i have idea", "need Help", "Suggestion" or "don't work" isn't helpful & pleasant.
  • Try to explain your request with so many details as you can.
  • Expound every single step to reproduce your train of thought. We're all no clairvoyant or mindreaders.
  • Explain like "I'm an idiot and never I played MyJailbreak before".
  • Maybe take a screenshot or make a beautiful picture with paint.
  • Provide so many infos as you can. Like your...
  1. sourcemod & metamod version
  2. MyJailbreak version
  3. sm plugins list server console output
  4. plugin configs (.cfg)
  5. error logs from .../csgo/addons/sourcemod/logs directory
  6. all other things that could help us helping you!
  • Please open one Issue per request/errors/problems. Split many requests/errors/problems to different Issues. Thanks!
If you are not capable to do this, I going to ignore you! sry


  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of the required plugins
  2. Download the latest version for your sourcemod
  3. Open gameserver folder and copy the folders addons/, cfg/, materials/, models/ & sound/ to your gameservers root csgo/ directory
  4. Open fastDL folder and copy the folders materials/, models/ & sound/ to your Fast Download servers csgo/ directory
  5. Run plugin for the first time and all necessary .cfg files will be generated
  6. Configure all settings in cfg/MyJailbreak & addons/sourcemod/configs/MyJailbreak to your needs
  7. OPTIONAL: When using a "Supported 3th party plugin" like TeamGames or any CTbans, move the corresponding support-plugin on your server from plugins/MyJailbreak/disabled folder to plugins/MyJailbreak

  8. Have fun! Give feedback!

The DEV (developers) branch is thought for developers & experienced server operators. Expect errors, crashes & unfinished features. Only use it, when you know what you are doing. master dev

Download release pack

Sourcecode & miscellaneous at github

Frequently Asked Questions:


Report Bugs, Ideas, Requests & see todo:

Code changes:

Changelogs: - master - dev

coded with free software

Main Developers: shanapu & papero

We would be happy and very pleased if you want to join our project as an equal collaborator.
Even if you are a beginner and willing to learn or you just want to help with translations.

If you own a feature or extension for jail or have an idea that would fit in, I would be happy when you share it with us.

when you like my work for the community, keep me motivated. buy me a beer

lay295 05-27-2016 19:35

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
Wow this looks great! :bacon!: :bacon!: Gave a small donation and appreciate you releasing this for free for everyone :) i'll definitely give this a try later.

weeeishy 05-27-2016 20:30

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
Finally the project is public!!! :D

Thank you shanapu for making and releasing it.

You9 05-28-2016 08:23

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
Can you teach me to make custom warden head pop or however it's called, pls?

CamerDisco 05-28-2016 22:38

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
Why not singly plugin math question? Can u do this ?

Bchewy 05-28-2016 23:30

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
+rep, this plugin really seems like a awesome upcoming plugin i'm looking forward to using.

shanapu 05-29-2016 08:25

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
Thank you Guys, i really appreciate this!


Originally Posted by You9 (Post 2422707)
Can you teach me to make custom warden head pop or however it's called, pls?

There are so many tutorials over the web, which show you how to make a custom vtf (decals/overlay).

I can offer you, to make custom icons & overlays to your wishes, when I can share it here for all (i hav already some more icons - coming soon).

[edit] here a small tut "Custom overlays & icons" [/edit]


Originally Posted by CamerDisco (Post 2422861)
Why not singly plugin math question? Can u do this ?

Because i allready done this ;)

snoopy174 05-29-2016 10:36

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
good day I would like to say that because of this mod crashes the server it shuts down and nothing no where says not in logs, not in console

KissLick 05-29-2016 13:37

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]
+1 ;-)

shanapu 05-29-2016 14:10

Re: [CS:GO] MyJailbreak (warden, days, menu & more) [Beta 1.0 / 28-5-16]

Originally Posted by snoopy174 (Post 2422944)
good day I would like to say that because of this mod crashes the server it shuts down and nothing no where says not in logs, not in console

sorry to hear that, but could you give me some more informations? Ok, nothing in logs & console sounds hard, but could you discripe what happend on the server when the crash appears? Do you startet a event &/or used a warden feature? Was it on round start/end/mapchange? what kind of OS? which sourcemod & metamod versions? Do tested MyJB also on a fresh install server? Do you use some other plugins that could make problems with MyJB?
When there is nothing on console or logs every single hint could be helpfull.

I wouldn't release a plugin, even as beta, without tested it well before. MyJailbreak is running on different server on different communitys without appreciable problems.

Please help me to help you!


Originally Posted by KissLick (Post 2422995)
+1 ;-)


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