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Kojiro 11-07-2004 13:35

AMXX Help... please, I'm beggin ya.
Alright, I know you people probably get problems like this a lot, and have most likely answered it, but I can't find anyone that has the same problem as me.

The only thing that is wrong... is that it doesn't seem to read the condition zero\czero\addons\amxx\configs\plugins.ini
I have no idea why not... But then agian, I don't understand where it's supposed to point to it either.
Is it supposed to point to it automatically? My plugins.ini is unmodified, and keep in mind that this is appart from my metamod/plugins.ini

It can load plugins from the metamod/plugins.ini just fine, and they show up working and everything, but then I don't get all the admin commands and such that I need. It says AMXMODX is running as well.

Can someone help please? Tell me if you need more information, and what information you need.

kidbravo 11-07-2004 13:48

type this in your console and see what it says...

a list of all your plugins should show up. if not then my msn is [email protected]
i run my own server and i can help you out with no problem.

Kojiro 11-07-2004 14:03

Hmmm... its not showing any plugins at all...

Btw folks, I neglected to mention this, but I had to rename some things to amxx, like inside the addons folder and such, because it was called amxmodx... and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work.
I also rerouted (hopefully) everything I needed to that points to the folder and all amxmodx things inside it.

kidbravo 11-07-2004 14:05

lol dude dont rename anything! put everything back as it was.

Night Slayer 11-07-2004 14:23

did you add the "metamod.ini" or the libist.gam ?

Chivas2973 11-07-2004 14:55

by default, amxmodx shold be the folder called amxmodx, post what your metamod/plugins.ini says

jtp10181 11-07-2004 15:18

if your amxmodx is installed in the folder "amxx" you are probably using 0.16, which is not supported by superhero....

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