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Randons Gamers 11-04-2019 17:28

basecommands.smx and basevotes.smx
I just updated Sourcemod and metamod to the latest ones on my server (L4D2), and now, when the plugins:

are loaded, when changing map, the crash server.
HELP! :cry:


Metamod:Source Version Information
Metamod:Source version 1.11.0-dev+1128
Plugin interface version: 16:14
SourceHook version: 5:5
Loaded As: Valve Server Plugin
Compiled on: Sep 2 2019 11:25:19
Built from:
Build ID: 1128:98d0c0f

SourceMod Version Information:
SourceMod Version:
SourcePawn Engine:, jit-x86 (build
SourcePawn API: v1 = 5, v2 = 12
Compiled on: Oct 30 2019 17:21:55
Built from:
Build ID: 6454:8c380e4

~translated by google.

Fyren 11-11-2019 00:57

Re: basecommands.smx and basevotes.smx
You're going to have to provide more information. Maybe try running Accelerator to see if you can get a crash dump.

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