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Fredd 03-09-2008 08:03

Spawn Protection v1.5
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Spawn Protection Version 1.5

this plugins spawn protect people! and makes them glow in a very sexy way! yay, i have only tested this in CSS but it should work for everything..and thx for ferret for the render stock <3 check screenshot :D

Supported Mods
  • CSS
  • TF2
  • HL2 DM
  • INS
  • DOD
if you would like support for a different mod just post the name..

sp_on - turns on/off spawn protection (Default 1 = on)
sp_time - amount in seconds till spawn protection is off(Default 5)
sp_notify - turns on/off notification (Default 1 = on)
sp_color - lets you set the color of the players when they are protected, "red green blue amount" amount is like transparency (Default = "0 255 0 120") max value for each field is 255...

  • 1.0 intial release
  • 1.1 fixed timer problems..
  • 1.2 another time issue, added a few conditional statements and chat notice messages
  • 1.3 cleaned up the code, and fixed issue were spawn protection starts from the moment you are selecting a team.
  • 1.4 Beta: added different mods support, UNTESTED!
  • 1.5 added two new cvars one for color and one for notify... oh and AutoExecConfig, thx to whoever posted it

Fredd 03-09-2008 23:05

Re: Spawn Protection
fixed some timer problems...

Nican 03-09-2008 23:21

Re: Spawn Protection
I think if you made "offset" a global and put "offset = GetEntSendPropOffs(index, "m_clrRender")" in OnPluginStart

And I think you are using timers kind of wrong, read this:

Other wise, good job :D

Fredd 03-10-2008 00:59

Re: Spawn Protection
ok i fixed the timer issue(again) and added some thigns, just look at the changelog

Nican: thats waste of lines lol

JDoc0512 03-11-2008 07:11

Re: Spawn Protection
does it work with rpg mod? I had to disable deathmatch spawn protection because it won't let players to spawn with additional health they purchased

Fredd 03-11-2008 10:54

Re: Spawn Protection
it should work fine, try it.

guys i want some feedback on this.

Fredd 03-12-2008 02:29

Re: Spawn Protection v1.3

NeO|GoD|LDR|SturmTiger 03-13-2008 07:54

Re: Spawn Protection v1.3
is there a version of this that will work with dod 1.3 ? since you changed it before I could download the older version ?

Fredd 03-16-2008 02:23

Re: Spawn Protection v1.3
hm ill try finding the team id's for DOD and then ill update it.

1695 03-16-2008 07:52

Re: Spawn Protection v1.3
Hi ! like JDoc0512 I was searching for a SpawnProtection which would work with CSSRPG. I'm gmad I found one !

One request :
- The ability to disable the advert... kind of repetitive when CSS:DM is enabled !

Thanks a lot !

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