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Oylsister 05-18-2021 07:14

Error Connecting
I did execute debug here
but some reason the server tab still get Error Connecting from it.

my sourcebans:

HTML Code:

[+] SourceBans "Error Connecting()" Debug starting for server

[+] Trying to establish UDP connection
[+] UDP connection successfull!
[+] Trying to write to the socket
[+] Successfully requested server info. (That doesn't mean anything on an UDP stream.) Reading...
[+] Got an response! Server: RAZE Experiment

[+] Trying to establish TCP connection
[+] TCP connection successfull!
[+] Trying to write to TCP socket and authenticate via rcon
[+] Successfully sent authentication request. Reading...
[+] Got an response!
[+] Password correct!

I also check the command line too. The Web hosting and Game server is separated

./srcds_run -game cstrike -strictportbind -ip -port 27015 +clientport 27005 +tv_port 27020 +sv_setsteamaccount  +servercfgfile cssserver.cfg -maxplayers 64 -usercon

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