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moore10 05-05-2021 04:43

What Kind of Scripting is Required For Foundry?
I've asked similar questions before but here goes:

One of the players in my main group is moving, I've been saving for a nice in person table but since we likely won't be meeting in person much anymore, I've decided to allocate a portion of those funds to a tailored Foundry set up for our games. I've decided to go with 3rd party hosting for the sake of uptime and maintenance but I'm also aware that the modules I'm installing require some custom scripting on the backend to make things work 100% how I want them. Can anyone tell me what kind of scripting language Foundry's module's use? Is tweaking them particularly difficult?

Zynda 05-06-2021 08:46

Re: What Kind of Scripting is Required For Foundry?
Javascript seems to be your poison, it's very popular and there is surely a ton of tutorials and other resources if you want to learn programming in JS. As for the difficulty of tweaking existing Modules that will depend on the complexity of their functionality and your programming ability.

Although I must ask what brought you to this forum specifically, not to sound unwelcoming but this isn't really the place for this sort of scripting.

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