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EFFx 01-14-2017 15:15

Pop Grenade
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First release: 01/14/2017
Last update: 08/14/2018

- Description
This plugin allow you use Pop grenades like CSGO.
If you don't know whats Pop grenades, i'll explain:

When you click with your left mouse (+ATTACK), your grenade will be throwed with your normal distance.
When you click with your right mouse (+ATTACK2), your grenade will be throwed more slower, closer to you.
When you click with both mouses, your grenade will be throwed with medium distance.

- Change Log

- Credits
HamletEagle - For the code.

Napoleon_be 01-16-2017 11:57

Re: Pop Grenade
So hamleteagle made this?

EFFx 01-16-2017 14:48

Re: Pop Grenade

WhiteFang1319 11-03-2017 08:50

Re: Pop Grenade
Hey. I used this plugin and noticed a bug. When I hold right click and I don't want to use the slow throw so I switch out to another weapon ( like knife with the button q ) and then I use left click the nade is thrown slowly than normal. Can you edit it so that when it's switched to another weapon the player's holding ( left/right/both) is reset?

EFFx 11-03-2017 12:49

Re: Pop Grenade
Ty for notice, it's fixed.

thEsp 11-03-2017 15:23

Good Plugin keep working..
For help conntact me :D

WhiteFang1319 11-04-2017 03:52

Re: Pop Grenade

Originally Posted by EFFx (Post 2558298)
Ty for notice, it's fixed.

Thank you. It works properly now :D

suhdude 11-15-2017 00:20

Re: Pop Grenade
This is so great! Thanks.

suhdude 11-17-2017 22:09

Re: Pop Grenade
Noticed a bug, from out of nowhere any nade I throw just gets stuck in the air in front of me.

EFFx 11-18-2017 11:45

Re: Pop Grenade
Not sure what you're talkin' about. I don't get this bug, may be another one conflicting. Did u get log message?

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