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-M-Jon 05-11-2010 17:39

[PAYING]: Forum Group Admin
I am willing to pay for a plugin that assigns admin privileges based on your forum group. This plugin would need to support multiple groups and be compatible with PHPBB3. I will setup the STEAMID field for BB3, all you need to do is write the plugin. This plugin must be compatible with all games that are compatible with sourcemod. If the CSS Beta update breaks this plugin (considering it is coming out very soon) I want a guarantee that you will repair it.

I currently have an offer of $30 and I will be accepting it in 4 hours. If you would be willing to go lower than that and you can complete this quickly than add me. I will be willing to pay via paypal today. If you fail to deliver I will open up a paypal dispute! My steam friends name:

)-=[enc]=-( ashok

-M-Jon 05-12-2010 14:14

Re: [PAYING]: Forum Group Admin
I have already gone through with the payment. Thanks anyways.

kwski43 05-15-2010 03:25

Re: [PAYING]: Forum Group Admin
I already had same idea few weeks ago. And... currently nobody will use it. It's pretty easy to do I think for somebody who knows well sourcepawn.
I'm not sure but editing sql admins is not a bad idea to start from.

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