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luckykevin 03-31-2020 18:26

SourceComms sm_gag/mute Showing Twice
Hey all,

Just installed SourceBans++, and when I go to sm_gag or sm_mute a client, I am presented with two instances of the same command:


] sm_gag
 [SourceComms++]  Usage: sm_gag <#userid|name> [time|0] [reason]
 [SourceComms++]  Usage: sm_gag <#userid|name> [reason]

Any idea why this is happening? It's not happening with any other commands as far as I can tell, like sm_ban.



DarkDeviL 04-01-2020 12:04

Re: SourceComms sm_gag/mute Showing Twice
Most likely because you have the option to omit the time, and in that case, the argument will be a part of the reason, e.g.:


sm_gag #1 0 "you got permanent gag!"
sm_gag #1 123 "you got gag for 123 minutes!"

sm_gag #1 "you got permanent gag!"

First one demonstrates the first two here, and the last one demonstrate the last.

RumbleFrog 04-01-2020 16:59

Re: SourceComms sm_gag/mute Showing Twice
Yeah, looks like it's viewed as being unintentional, and perhaps an optional arg format should be introduced and combined it into one.

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