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eliteroyal 03-26-2020 06:45

Ban not showing in CHAT
Everything works great except when i ban someone nothing appears on server chat. Translation files are uploaded, i cant find the solution. Help please.

eliteroyal 04-17-2020 09:36

Re: Ban not showing in CHAT
[SourceBans++] Permanently banned player "RemusOPR" (reason: wall).
this show only in console, it doesnt show in chat, why?

Bacardi 04-25-2020 13:00

Re: Ban not showing in CHAT




Displays usage of an admin command to users depending on the setting of the sm_show_activity cvar.

This version does not display a message to the originating client if used from chat triggers or menus. If manual replies are used for these cases, then this function will suffice. Otherwise, ShowActivity2() is slightly more useful.

Only others see chat message, not yourself when execute command from chat or menu.
It depends your sm_show_activity setting, which players and admins see chat message at the end.

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