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Lt Llama 03-03-2006 16:18

TFC skills rank with speed run timer
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I am no longer able to maintain this plugin

I am sorry to any of you who asked about this plugin for help and support. I have not been able to or had the time nor the desire to maintain this plugin.

To me, this is part of my past.
A past I am not coming back to.

But I know a lot of people on the TFC servers have used this plugin, in it's original version or the edited ones. So it has been much alive and used and enjoyed.

I will ask around in the skills community if anyone I trust would be willing to maintain this plugin here on the forum. But if anyone here want's to maintain this plugin you are more than welcome to PM me and we can talk about it. There might even be some old unreleased goodies for the right person :)

The thread will be kept open for a while.
If noone steps up and wants to maintain this I will ask for it to be locked. But there is no hurry.

Again! I am really sorry if you spent youre precious time to come here and post and was met by silence.

/Lt Llama

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skillsrank should now work with amxmodx 1.75a. Updated to v1.4.4.

/* *  AMX Mod X script * *   TFC Skills Player Rank with Speed Run Timer * *   by Lt Llama * * *   Thanks to: *   - NL)Ramon(NL:  For adding various cool functions to the plugin. *       - Slurpy [COF]: sql_init and sql_insert functions *   - team06:  Pointing out "Your not even calling the function" :D *   - Watch        Looking over the code and making trigger model *   - Forgot who :(    The part which reads db results and append it to an motd (gotta find out) *   - The code bank and all info and the community at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"></a> *   - Concs r us (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"></a>) *   - Team Project (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"></a>) * *  WHAT IS THIS? *  ==================== *   The TFC skills community has never had an ingame ranking system, like other mods *   where you can count how many frags you got by using what. Skillsrank solves *   this by using a difficulty setting for each map. This is added to a map cfg which *   is read by this plugin, When a player finish a map with a difficulty setting he *   triggers a goal model and data is saved to two SQL tables. *    *   If the map config has coords for the start model it spawns it and you have a *   speedrun timer. * *   Skillsrank is designed so you can only finish and collect points ONE time during *   the current loaded map. This is to not get a skewed collection of points because *   someone continuosly collects points on an easy map. * *  WHAT IS CALCULATED? *  =================== *   - How many maps you finished and compared to others *   - Which class you finished with *   - How many points you have collected and compared to others *   - First and last time you finished a map on the server *   - Your best speedrun on the current map *   - The all time high speed run on the current map *   - The average difficulty of finished map (UBER factor) *   - The top 5 players in 3 cathegories 1. Ubers, 2. Finished maps, 3. Collected *     points. * *  WHAT IS AN UBER? *  ================ *   UBER is someone who have finished at least the amount of maps defined by: *   #define uberCount 10. When someone finished in this case 10 maps the plugin *   divides <sum of collected points>/<number of finished maps>. It then compares *   these players average difficulty and sort it. The top 5 gets into the /top 5 list. *   This is to encourage playing harder maps. If you play easier maps your average *   drops. * *   CONTENT OF SQL TABLES *   ===================== *      Table skillranks (1 row for each player) *      ================ *      - steam id *      - nickname *      - number of times finished the map *      - total collected points *      - average of all points collected *      Table skillmaps (1 row each time someone finish a map) *      ================ *      - steam id *      - nickname *      - map name *      - player class (all TFC classes) * *      - time *      - difficulty *      - speedrun time * *   MAP CONFIGS *   =========== *   Map configs goes in addons/amxmodx/configs/maps *   Map configs is added by admins with ADMIN_CFG access. *   Use amx_skillsmenu to add or manipulate current map config data. * *  THIS PLUGIN NEEDS AN SQL DATABASE TO WORK *  ========================================= *   If you don't have SQL forget this. If you have it then see to that you have set *   amx_sql_host, amx_sql_user, amx_sql_pass and amx_sql_db which are set in *   $moddir/addons/amxx/configs/sql.cfg * *  INSTALLATION *  ============ *   _ Create the folder addons/amxmodx/configs/maps and put all cfg files there *   _ Put the concmaporb.mdl in tfc/models *   _ Put the clocktag.spr in tfc/sprites *   _ Put the afktag.spr in tfc/sprites * *  SETTINGS YOU MAY CHANGE *  ======================= *   Change to whatever you like under "// Customizable globals" below and recompile. * *  FUTURE PLANS FOR THIS PLUGIN *  ============================ *   - Leet custom stuff attached to top5 players on 4 cathegories: Ubers, High rankers, *     most finished maps and speed runners (on current map) *   - Allow players to keep speed running the current map and update db. Now only the first *     run i saved. *   - Ability to say YES or NO to if you want the ranks to be saved on the current map. *     If NO you can speed run but it wont be saved. * *  USER COMMANDS *  ============= *   - say '/difficulty' to show difficulty (number between 1-100) *   - say '/top5' to show top 5 players in 3 cathegories (finished times, total points, average difficulty) *   - say '/mapstats' to show your stats on the current map. *   - say '/skillme' to see your overall stats. *   - say '/pause' pause speedrunning *   - say '/unpause' unpause speedrunning *   - 'amx_stoptimer' = Client command to stop speed run timer *   - 'amx_skillsmenu' = Admin tool to add coords and difficulty * *  VERSIONS *  ======== *  1.4.4    - Yes another crash fix with 1.75. Still crashed when using /top5. Fixed! *  1.4.3    - Fixed a crash problem when used with amxmodx 1.75. *  1.4.2    - Added pcvar, fixed timer not synchronized between on-screen timer *        and timer for touchings goal and end. *  1.4.1    - Added amx_skillsmenu and on screen timer. By NL)Ramon(NL *  1.3.0    - Added ingame coord and difficulty adder. By NL)Ramon(NL *  1.2.3    - Added a check and reward if someone broke the speed run record *  1.2.2    - Changed trigger models to one made by Watch and added skin changing in plugin *      - Change welcome message so connecting player sees speed run records *      - Added amx_stoptimer (2006-02-15) *  1.2.1    - Changed from two db connections to one (2006-02-14) *  1.2.0    - Added support for speedrun timing (2006-02-12) *  1.1.0    - Added /skillme *  1.0.0    - First working version (2006-02-05) */

PHP Pages
Top 10 php page
Player stats php page
Speedruns php page

PHP page info and installation

The php pages reads the content of the skillsrank plugin databases and shows all stats from it on your webby.
Steps for install:
1. Put all php pages in a separate folder under your main webby path.
For example. /phppages
2. Put all images in /phppages/images
3. Edit and add info to the cvars.
Content of
$username="<add username here>";
$password="<add password to database here>";
$database="<add database name here>";

There is no stylesheet page so you have to change the colors on the pages yourself.

Fix for people with PHP problems when querying individual players stats

Thanks to DAWG there is now one less problem to worry about.
DAWG's fix solves a problem with empty queries on servers with HTACCESS not registering globals. I have updated the readme file. If you get problems when using the php pages, this might be the solution.


Originally Posted by DAWG (Post 475034)
If there is anyone still having the problem of player names not linking to their stats pages as described in my post on page 3 of this topic. It can be easily fixed by adding this line to each of the .php pages.


$steamid = $_GET["steamid"];
to the top so it looks like this:

@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
$steamid = $_GET["steamid"];
$query="SELECT `steamId`, `nickNames`, `nFinnished`, `rankTotal`, `primaryRank` FROM `skillrank` ORDER BY ABS(nFinnished) DESC";

I added mine right after line #4 (ie:the "mysql_select" line) and all is now working great.

NOTE: Use this method if registering globals on in the .HTACCESS did not fix the problem, (or if you don't/can't want to mess with the .HTACCESS file).

Ramono 03-03-2006 17:47

Nice llama, very nice.
You worked hard on it. :D

watch 03-03-2006 18:59

awesome plugin mate, I had a chance to test it on your server and its amazing :D If only i was actually anygood at concmaps :(

you forgot to set the modification and category in the post btw

Lt Llama 03-04-2006 03:04


Originally Posted by watch
awesome plugin mate, I had a chance to test it on your server and its amazing :D If only i was actually anygood at concmaps :(
you forgot to set the modification and category in the post btw

I scanned through the post rules and thought I got everything :oops:.
Updated :!:

Lt Llama 03-05-2006 11:01

Updated to v 1.3.0.

NL)Ramon(NL couldnt resist the temptation to add something to the plugin, and the addition is very nice for admins.


*- 'amx_addskills' = Admin tool to add coords and difficulty
*- 'amx_difficulty' = Admin tool to change difficulty setting
When an admin with CFG access types amx_addskills in console it binds
F5 to toggle noclip
F7 to
step 1: add start
step 2: add end
step 3: choose a difficulty
step 4: write new map cfg file

Thanks Ramon :D

Ramono 03-05-2006 11:41


Originally Posted by Lt Llama
Thanks Ramon :D



Kratos24 03-06-2006 10:00


Ramono 03-06-2006 11:20

Re: Bots

Originally Posted by Kratos24
My question is will bots be added to the rank system,...I dont want my bots to always be top 5...

I don't think bot can finish a conc/quad map, so dont worry.

Waylay 03-23-2006 08:59


I don't think bot can finish a conc/quad map, so dont worry.
Thats right..they cant..i tried with FoxBots and NeoTF.

Waylay 03-25-2006 08:36

I cant use this untill i get a faster internet cuz dedicated server lags for me right now so i would need 1 that works for a "create server" server for the moment.

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