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Pastout 02-05-2011 15:44

3 Attachment(s)

Version 2.2

by Pastout!!
Any kill you get with a gun adds a point to the weapon.
Each weapon has its max points to unlock it. The more kills
you get the quicker you unlock the Achievement.

Weapon Achiements:
    • God of War - Get a total of 10,000 Kills -
    • Pistol Master - Unlock All Pistols -
    • Rifle Master - Unlock All Rifles -
    • Shotgun Master - Unlock All Shotguns -
    • Spray and Pray - Get a Kill while being flashed -
    • Master At Arms - Unlock All the weapons -
    • And each weapon has its own achievement!

Other Achiements:
    • Ultimate Server Lover - Connect 1000 times to the server -
    • Boom Head-Shot - Get a total of 300 Headshots -
    • Distance Killed - Unlock All killed distances
    • Distance Walked - Unlock All walked distances -
    • OMFG that was close - Defuse bomb right before it explodes
    • Short Fuse - Plant the Bomb Within 25 seconds of round start -
    • Boomala Boomala - Plant the bomb of a total of 100 times -
    • Nothing Can Blow Up - Get a total of 400 bomb defuses -
    • And There are many more
Custom Achiements:
      • Play Around - Spend 1 Hour playing on the Server -
      • Stand Alone - Die 15 times as the last guy on the team -
      • 1 Hp Hero - Kill a enemy while having 1 HP -
      • Bad Friend - Kill 5 teammates in one round -
      • Urban Designer - Spray 300 decals -
      • Graffiti Is My Second Name - Spray 8 times in one round -
      • Ammo Conservation - Kill two enemy players with a single bullet -
      • Fly Away - Kill an enemy while he is in air -
      • Reloader - Reload your weapon 1000 times -
      • Camp Fire - Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area -
      • Hat Trick - Kill 3 enemies with one HeGrenade -
      • Cowboy Diplomacy - Rescue 100 hostages -
Client Commands:
  • say /ach OR say /achievement
- Brings up the achievement Menu.
- In that menu, you can see your current achievement points, see a help screen for how this mod works, open a menu designated for each upgrade, or see the achievement levels of other players in the server.
  • say /deathmessage
- This will enable/disable the chat view of peoples death.
If ach_deathmessage is 1.

  • ach_enable 1/0
    - Default: 1
  • ach_showinfo 1/0
    - Shows the plugin information.
    - Default: 1
  • ach_deathmessage 1/0
    - This displays a message "Player has killed Or Headshot OtherPlayer from a distances of 1337 feet". etc
    - Default: 1
  • ach_flashmessage 1/0
    - This displays a message "Player is full/semi flashed and kill OtherPlayer..." etc.
    - Default: 1
  • ach_bombmessage 1/0
    - This displays a message "Player is planting the bomb" or "Player has planted the bomb" etc.
    - Default: 1
Plugin Configurations:
Open the .sma file, and edit this if you want sql:
Uncomment this in the sma.
//#define USING_SQL

When you are done, save the .sma and compile it here:
If you are getting compiler errors that don't make sense or the site is slow, you can use this one:
Plugin Requirements:
  • Steam
  • AMX Mod X 1.8.0 or higher
    If you are having problems, please use the latest version of AMXX
  • CStrike Addon
  • Engine Module
  • Fakemeta Module
  • Hamsandwich Module
  • CSX Module
  • Fun Module
  • XS Include
  • If using SQL:

  • - SQLx Module
    If not using SQL:
    - NVault Module
HTML Code:

Version 1.0
Initial Release
Version 1.1
Fix menu Bug
Version 1.2
Added More Achievements
Added Hamsandwich Module
Version 1.3 
Fix a bug with Standing achievement
Version 1.4
Fix a bug SQL
Change the layout of help menu See "achievements.txt" for more details
Version 1.5
Optimized - No more Client_Prethink
Added a Hostage Achievement suggested by tuty
Fix a glitch with the 1 shot 2 kills achievement
Version 1.6
Version 1.7
Optimized & Change the max value for Smoke and Flash
Version 1.8
Fix a bug with the Max Load for the weapons.
Version 1.9
Fix a bug when defusing the bomb achievement
Updated the Achievement Menu looks alot better
Version 2.0
Added More Achievements
* Cowboy Diplomacy - Rescured 100 hostages
*You've Made Your Points - Earn 50,000 damage points

Please post all suggestions, comments, or improvements you may have.
Do not say anything about Non-Steam support because you will be ignored.

bibu 02-05-2011 15:57

Re: Achievements
Good job! WIll definetely use this.

stevenisecko138 02-05-2011 16:21

Re: Achievements
nice work

bibu 02-05-2011 17:05

Re: Achievements
The achievement menu is bugged, it somestimes shows nothing, sometimes it shows my AMX Super Menu, lol. :)


L 02/05/2011 - 23:04:21: Invalid menu id 0(2)
L 02/05/2011 - 23:04:21: [AMXX] Run time error 10 (plugin "achievements.amxx") (native "menu_display") - debug not enable

Pastout 02-05-2011 17:20

Re: Achievements

Originally Posted by bibu (Post 1407981)
The achievement menu is bugged, it somestimes shows nothing, sometimes it shows my AMX Super Menu, lol. :)

Updated fix bug
Current version 1.1

TzK 02-05-2011 17:24

Re: Achievements
If you would make web part for this, it would be awesome : )

.MMYTH. 02-05-2011 17:50

Re: Achievements
Some people don't use local mysql, you have to see this, and don't make connection on plugin_precache and yes in plugin_init.

NucL3ra 02-05-2011 17:59

Re: Achievements
Holy crap, this is so amazing seriously. Achivements into CS 1.6 is so cool, make more of them, add SQL (best option) and make cool rewards!

lucas_7_94 02-05-2011 18:01

Re: Achievements

Originally Posted by .MMYTH. (Post 1408023)
Some people don't use local mysql, you have to see this, and don't make connection on plugin_precache and yes in plugin_init.

why in plugin_init ?

.MMYTH. 02-05-2011 18:03

Re: Achievements
for optimize
PHP Code:

#if defined USING_SQL
g_sql_tuple SQL_MakeStdTuple()
SQL_ThreadQuery(g_sql_tuple"QueryCreateTable""CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ^"Achievement^" ( ^"name^" VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, ^"authid^" VARCHAR(35) NOT NULL, ^"data^" VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL );" )
g_iVault nvault_open("Achievements")
set_fail_state"Error opening nVault" )

And I think then don't save 'player' achievements.

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