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BAILOPAN 03-16-2007 22:39

Scripting Forum
This forum is for scripting help, questions, and discussion for SourceMod only. Do not post requests about other projects.

For more information about the SourcePawn language, please see:

All questions related to working with SourcePawn/SourceMod are welcome!

Quick Primer
Loading SourceMod
See Installing SourceMod.

Run-time Info
Type "sm" in your server console to get a run-time menu, server-side, for SourceMod.

Coding Plugins
See the SDK for more information. There are example plugins in the "scripting" folder of the SourceMod package. General scripting language introductions will be available soon.

Compiling Plugins
In Windows, open up a command prompt and use:

cd <sourcemod>\scripting
spcomp myplugin.sp

In Linux, use:

./spcomp myplugin.sp
Running Plugins
Simply put the .smx (not .sp) file in the SourceMod "plugins" folder.

jopmako 03-17-2007 04:47

Re: Scripting Forum
GJ to SourceMod Dev Team.

sn4k3 03-17-2007 07:49

Re: Scripting Forum
I cant wait for test this :)
good job

Juba_PornBorn 06-12-2007 21:49

Re: Scripting Forum
Noob question. What tool or script program is used to code source plugins sp?

teame06 06-12-2007 21:50

Re: Scripting Forum

Originally Posted by Juba_PornBorn (Post 488897)
Noob question. What tool or script program is used to code source plugins sp?

Notepad, Crimson Editor, any text editor :o

Juba_PornBorn 06-12-2007 22:04

Re: Scripting Forum
So at the moment there's no tool wich in compiling tells you wich are the scripting errors like amxx? I feel like a donkey watching a palace!

Just when I was starting to understand amxx pawn I feel I have to give the next step to what will be the future in gaming but I feel this wont be easy.

theY4Kman 06-12-2007 22:09

Re: Scripting Forum
The compiler tells you what and where the errors are, yes. It's pretty easy to tell where your errors are even without something telling you :P

FlyingMongoose 06-12-2007 22:11

Re: Scripting Forum
Except when it's the "omgwtfimanub" a bad path >.<

theY4Kman 06-12-2007 23:22

Re: Scripting Forum
Oi! Go pester someone of your own skill level :D

Peoples Army 08-04-2007 12:39

Re: Scripting Forum
i wanted to get the sdk but its a tarbell file . what the hell is that and how do i open it ?????

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