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hotdrop 08-07-2005 22:27

List of servers running CS DM
List yours below

mine is works fine now

imported_mobbo 08-09-2005 13:29

DM*United CS:Source Deathmatch

Location: Dallas, TX

66tickrate Quad Opteron server powered by

DM*United has run CS 1.6 DM servers nationwide for over a year and we are thrilled to see this mod available for Source now! Great job to everyone who took the time to make this mod available for Source!

Cleverpigs 08-10-2005 03:19

CleverDragon Counter Strike Source Death Match Were based out of Chicago area !

We Have Custom Skins and Music on there. Server ip :D

We also have a regular Counter Strike Server ! Server ip

nbigdog2000 08-10-2005 15:49

My Server ip :
Running Mani + Cs:s DM + Hlstatsx

suicidal 08-11-2005 23:09

66 tic server based in dallas. check it out.

YupPi 08-12-2005 19:56

[3XB] CS:S DEATHMATCH Server (West Coast, Canada)

Running: Mani mod, Beetle mod, CSP 1.1

emilrom 08-12-2005 20:08

Voici lŽip dŽun serveur deathmatch :
Serveur de la team =[2DfonC]=, où la bonne humeur reigne...
le pass est : 1234

psychokilla 08-18-2005 00:07 [LAME] Bitch ::CSS:DM Active::

Active just now, we may be messing about with it tho...hopefully I'll be adding menu functionality to enable/disable the plugin when Bail releases the next version. Will enable a vote for the plugin too.

brick 08-18-2005 03:27

My DM server is based in Australia and also running MANI MOD Statsme
and hlstatsx | Shanes Deathmatch

keviesuper 08-18-2005 07:18

mine server is
but is not 24/7 online
it is a dutch and english server

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