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BAILOPAN 09-16-2006 21:38

Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
Good news all around!

First, I'm pleased to announce a new feature on the AMX Mod X (and SourceMod) sites: Addon/Mod Tracking! You can now see how many servers are running your plugin, how many servers are running each version, and you can even break down your stats based on game mods. We've started tracking the most popular dozen plugins to start off with:

This tool is designed for developers to gauge how popular their mod is, how fast it takes versions to propogate, and which versions are most popular. Want your plugin to be tracked? All it needs is an external/public CVAR! Read the FAQ on how to get your plugin on the tracker list.

Although the stats are already detailed, it also internally tracks operating systems and saves every day's stats. So for the future, we're hoping to add advanced report generation, linear time graphs, and the ability to compare multiple mods at once.

Second, You'll also notice that the AMX Mod X site is now using an improved color scheme for readability. I think everyone was sick of orange on blue.

Third, AMX Mod X 1.76 is expected to be released in the next day or two.

Lastly, sawce is back. What's up, sawce. All right sit down.


Bo0m! 09-16-2006 21:39

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
:o Sexy.

hlstriker 09-16-2006 21:49

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
Very cool!

chowdown 09-16-2006 21:55

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
I like green.

Good features too, it's cool to see how many people use each plugin.

k007 09-16-2006 22:47

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
very nice

Freecode 09-16-2006 23:05

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
Took BAILOPAN long enough. Hes been doing it since CPL. OMG I WAS THERE!!!

Hawk552 09-16-2006 23:10

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
Great. Maybe this will supplant game-monitor, which I've always think sucked.

BAILOPAN 09-16-2006 23:22

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
Game-Monitor is a different beast. They're there to track servers individually, as well as players. They update a rather large database every 20 minutes or something. I'm only interested in mod statistics, which I did because Game-Monitor didn't seem interested in expanding theirs.

Spanky McNutnut 09-16-2006 23:25

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched

k007 09-16-2006 23:28

Re: Addon/Stats Tracker Launched
so in this new addons/stats tracker will be there a feature that will display the servers ip"s

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