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Silencer123 11-04-2008 17:43

Tripmine Indicator Version 1.2
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Tripmine Indicator Version 1.2

This plugin, when turned on, gives you statistics about how many tripmines
are in the game, and how many of these are yours and how many of these are
owned by the map/other players. (See screenshot snippet below)

mp_mineindicator - 1 (Default) enables - 0 disables. - Enable the indicator?
mp_freemines - 1 (Default) enables - 0 disables. - Give the player infinite mines?

This plugin has been tested with multiple players and always outputs correct
values. It has been optimized for minimal CPU and network usage.

(Made in 800*600 - Works with all resolutions)

This should work on all modifications which still use tripmines.
Tested games:
- Half-Life (Plugin works)
- Sven Co-op 3.0 (Plugin works)
- Sven Co-op 4.0 Beta (Plugin works)

This plugin is a portion of a bigger plugin I planned to make.

  • V. 1.0: Initial Release
  • V. 1.1: Removed "include <engine>", since it is not needed. (Was a leftover)
  • V. 1.2: Now using fakemeta_util to hand out unlimited tripmines. This seems to fix the satchel issue. Also made code shorter where possible, increased default amount of slots for edicts and changed the name of a variable, because it was misleading.

Starsailor 11-04-2008 18:16

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.0

Silencer123 11-08-2008 17:50

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.1
V. 1.1: Removed "include <engine>", since it is not needed. (Was a leftover)

Exolent[jNr] 12-24-2008 15:40

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.1
What game has tripmines?
Is this an addon to another plugin that was released?

If it is a game, change the "Modification" in the first post.
If it is an addon, say that in the first post and link to the plugin that it goes with.

xPaw 12-24-2008 16:49

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.1
i think its for

Silencer123 12-26-2008 08:30

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.1
It is for all HL Mods which use tripmines. (Only HL, SC and HLWE come to mind)

When I said "This plugin is a portion of a bigger plugin I planned to make."
I meant that this plugin works by itself, but what it does will be the same
as in a bigger plugin about tripmines I am about to work to on.

This plugin might work with other plugins which add tripmines to
modifications which don't originally have them, like CS, DoD and NS.
Will only work if it is a proper tripmine rip, though.

Every time my cousin visits me we play in LAN on WON2 with this plugin
and fool around with tripmines. (How many can we place without blowing
everything up?) =) Becomes funny when the counter reaches 300. And
when they explode it is very entertaining to watch the counter go to 0.
Really just made this to fool around with. =)

Edit: Added a section to first post.

Silencer123 06-19-2009 18:11

Re: Tripmine Indicator Version 1.2
Updated to version 1.2. See the changelog in the first post.

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