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Wilson [29th ID] 04-05-2008 14:54

Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0
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Dod Rocket Class
This plugin gives the Bazooka class an M1 Carbine instead of a Colt
This plugin gives the Panzerjaeger class an MP40 isntead of a Luger
This plugin gives the Piat class a Sten instead of a Webley

The idea was taken from DOD:Source - why shouldn't 1.3 have it too?
Now these classes can be used effectively and do quite some damage.
We have people in my servers who only use this class because it's actually usefull now.

This plugin replaces Dod Technician, but is technically a totally different plugin as the code is 100% different and more efficient. If you look at the SMA, there are only 3 functions and a few stocks in this plugin. Much more concise than the "rigged" method of Dod Technician. This plugin actually gives you the secondary weapon and sets it to your secondary slot. Quickswitching works..scrolling works..etc. It's "foolproof"

This would not have been possible without Sawce's hamsandwich module.

Only Known Bugs
-As of now, if you drop one of your weapons, you cannot pick it back up. I could code it so that you could, but that will simply increase the chances of server crashes. Better to leave it like this - how often do you drop your weapon anyway?
-When you die, you drop your secondary instead of your primary (rocket). Not sure how to fix this but who cares.

Just select the Bazooka/Panzerjaeger/Piat class. Scroll through your weapons and you'll see it.

Sorry it took so long to come out.

Cheap_Suit 04-05-2008 19:25

Re: Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0
GJ! I wish WeaponList would work as easily as in DOD.

Wilson [29th ID] 04-06-2008 10:18

Re: Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0
Updated file - I had an #include in there that not everyone has - pasted stock inside sma.

India Gunners 04-07-2008 05:17

Re: Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0
where is the plugin not able to download it

Wilson [29th ID] 04-07-2008 11:54

Re: Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0 ....

violentcrimes 05-23-2008 12:15

Re: Dod Rocket Class (Better Secondary Wpn) v2.0
wont load

name version author file status
[ 1] Admin Base AMXX Dev Team admin.amxx running
[ 2] Admin Commands AMXX Dev Team admincmd.amxx running
[ 3] Admin Help AMXX Dev Team adminhelp.amxx running
[ 4] Multi-Lingual System AMXX Dev Team running
[ 5] Menus Front-End AMXX Dev Team menufront.amxx running
[ 6] Commands Menu AMXX Dev Team cmdmenu.amxx running
[ 7] Players Menu AMXX Dev Team plmenu.amxx running
[ 8] Maps Menu AMXX Dev Team mapsmenu.amxx running
[ 9] Admin Chat AMXX Dev Team adminchat.amxx running
[ 10] Anti Flood AMXX Dev Team antiflood.amxx running
[ 11] Scrolling Message AMXX Dev Team scrollmsg.amxx running
[ 12] Info. Messages AMXX Dev Team imessage.amxx running
[ 13] Admin Votes AMXX Dev Team adminvote.amxx running
[ 14] NextMap AMXX Dev Team nextmap.amxx running
12:15:27 [ 15] Nextmap Chooser AMXX Dev Team mapchooser.amxx running
[ 16] TimeLeft AMXX Dev Team timeleft.amxx running
[ 17] Pause Plugins AMXX Dev Team pausecfg.amxx running
[ 18] Stats Configuration AMXX Dev Team statscfg.amxx running
[ 19] DoD Stats AMXX Dev Team stats.amxx running
[ 20] unknown unknown unknown dod_rocketclass bad load
( 20) Load fails: Invalid Plugin (plugin "dod_rocketclass.amxx")
20 plugins, 19 running

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