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paul92 09-01-2019 18:30

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
No, they were fully healed. Basically i started the finale map of Dead Center (coop, me and the bots. Easy difficulty, everyone was at full health basically). It was a breeze. They simply never left the elevator once the door opened like i saw it should happen on youtube videos. They just kept staying close to me. It was like this plugin didn't exist at all. The plugin was loaded though, listing it with sm plugins list showed it loaded normally together with others.

paul92 09-01-2019 18:37

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Ok, same result with the finale of The Passing. At this point i'll try and look if there is some conflict. Are you aware of any possible conflict/known conflict? Will try to remove all the plugins and find what's wrong..

paul92 09-01-2019 19:27

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Ok i think i'm getting this sorted out. If i still get some issues i'll get back to you! Thanks for your availability, this is a great plugin!

Xanaguy 03-19-2020 00:46

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Data Update: The "Infection Overdrive" campaign is now compatible with this plugin.

Masterman444 03-21-2020 07:36

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Where can I download the .cfg files?

Tonblader 06-23-2020 21:35

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
When i add this in scavengefinalebotsds.cfg (exact origin and exact angles as in my source:stripper configuracion) :

"c2m5_concert" // Dark Carnival - Chapter 5
"origin" "-3565.377929 3012.331298 -255.968750"
"angles" "30 0 0"

With my source:stripper configuration it does not work.

In other no-finale maps, the source:stripper configuration it works

source:stripper c2m5_concert (It is not finished)

one more bug:
If I drop a gascan on a cliff, the bots will also jump off the cliff.

Now everything works fine for me, I already set it up correctly, even after The Last Stand Update.

DreadedGhoul575 09-24-2020 20:04

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Now to update Last Stand.

Psyk0tik 09-27-2020 19:08

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Here's the coordinates for the nozzle in the Last Stand finale. Goes in scavengefinalebotsds.cfg.

PHP Code:

"c14m2_lighthouse"//The Last Stand - Chapter 2
"origin"    "-3863.68 4036.03 704.03"
        "angles"    "30.37 -95.15 0.0"

Marttt 01-30-2021 12:19

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
1 Attachment(s)
This is a version that I modified to make it compatible with my plugin [L4D2] Multiple Gascan and Cola Fill.

I did minimum modifications to the original code, becoming easier to diff the changes.

In case you don't use my plugin, I recommend using the main post/author version.

Iizuka07 08-10-2021 00:19

Re: [L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
Does anyone have coordinates to the map Buried Deep? It has scavenge in the final chapter.

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