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Liam 07-08-2008 16:50

Get TickRate
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Someone requested this and so I'm posting a plugin that will return what the servers current Tickrate is set at.

This is useful for people on rented servers who want to make sure their host is being honest and setting things correctly.

Anyways, enjoy.

Issues with this are fixed. Thanks for the update Omega.

Probably should have put a comment on here on how to see your tickrate.

In the console type sm_gettickrate

DontWannaName 07-08-2008 16:52

Re: Get TickRate
Thanks, I requested this in the SM bug tracker a while ago.

Box Cutter 07-08-2008 16:55

Re: Get TickRate
Thank you Liam. I hope this gets added in as a standard feature on SM.


Liam 07-08-2008 16:57

Re: Get TickRate
The function is stock sourcemod. It is just a wrapper for the call to the server engine, you just have to multiply it by 10000 because its viewed as a float internally.

Cooltad 07-08-2008 16:59

Re: Get TickRate
It returns my tickrate as 150;and thats obviously wrong.

Liam 07-08-2008 17:03

Re: Get TickRate
It returned my tickrate correctly on all of my servers.

Cooltad 07-08-2008 17:04

Re: Get TickRate
Whta would cause my tickrate to be 150 when i have it set to -tickrate 33?

Yup; I removed all ym mods everything at default everything, and set tickrate 33 and it still comes back 150.

Liam 07-08-2008 17:11

Re: Get TickRate
I just tested it on the steam srcds and it did return a BS number. My normal servers though are returned correctly.

Lemme investimigate.

Liam 07-08-2008 17:25

Re: Get TickRate

Cooltad 07-08-2008 17:37

Re: Get TickRate
Got errors with compiling.

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